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North Evo 2014, an insight view with Ralf Grösel

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North Evo 2014, an insight view with Ralf Grösel

Postby Toby » Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:53 pm

North News:

Evo 2014, an insight view with Ralf Grösel

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Ralf, to start simple, what´s new about the 2014 EVO?

Ralf Grösel: A lot!! The Evo 2014 is not based on the 2013 model but a completely new design coming out of two different prototype directions. This Evo is a kite I´ve been developing for the last two years, this means the first prototypes have already been built parallel to the Evo 2013. Which was kind of strange but necessary to come from a new approach.

What was the challenge about it and why did the development take so long?

Ralf Grösel: Since the introduction to the market in 2008 the Evo was very Delta-oriented. This concept direction offers a lot of positive aspects, but also a lot of limiting factors. Over the years I really pushed the kites’ overall performance to the absolute limit in-between the concept, until I really came to the point where I just could not improve the Delta-shape anymore in 2013. I already saw that coming in 2012 and therefore needed the time to work in time on the new concept and be ready after these two years for a new direction.

What do we have in our hands now?

Ralf Grösel: At the end of the day, a completely new kite, which offers some of the typical Evo genes, but also is a completely different construction and direction. The Evo is trimmed to maximum performance combined with perfect handling. Developed to fit perfectly to a 4 line bar, I found a perfect match for the geometry combining stability with flexibility of the whole kite construction. Not to mention several prototypes…

Sounds a bit like a conflict…

Ralf Grösel: On the first view, yes. But I can explain it easily:

The higher aspect ratio and the flatter radius, which are even similar to a Rebel, have been optimized on the other hand to a very very stiff and compact system through several small changes. A lot of flexibility in the tip area to achieve that great handling, stiffness in the profile for bomb proof stability. But it is indeed tricky to combine these two characteristics, which pull in opposite directions!

Any other changes?

Ralf Grösel: Several, just to mention the changed panel layout, remarkable thinner struts to reduce weight, a different tip geometry and a new bridle system with to rolls at both sides to depower efficiently.

Where in the North Kiteboarding Range is the Evo seen in your view?

Ralf Grösel: The Evo is and will stay the all-round talent inbetween the North Kiteboarding range. But, the Evo made a huge step forward regarding the overall performance. Steady is the extremely easy water relaunch and the brilliant stability.

What does that mean in detail for the pilot?

Ralf Grösel: The general speed of the kite in the wind window has increased, the upwind ability is just insane and the depower is now massive. Jumping is super easy, anybody can boost highest jumps with smooth landings with this kite. Compared to last years models flight time and height has increased a lot.

NKB: Where is the Evo´s position next to the completely new Dice?

Ralf Grösel: The Dice is nothing more or less then the jackpot. We never had a kite which started this fast and with so many good feedback from team riders and customers at the same time, never sold several thousand pieces of one kite model in the first year.

Still, the Evo is a different concept with 5 struts and all the benefits which come with it and the potential to surprise, especially Evo lovers! The Dice is a specialist´s kite for advanced freestyle/wakestyle and advanced wave riding. The Evo´s jumping ability for classic moves and classic riding are just easier and more stable. As mentioned, the Evo jumps high, wide and long!

Test one, you´ll be surprised!!

Thank you Ralf for this inside you of your perspective!

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