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Spectrum 2012 vs nobile nbl 2012

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:15 pm
by Msebastyan4

I am going to buy new kiteboard i am new in kitesurfing i took couple of lessons and now looking to buy new gear, could you give me any advise review. Considering to buy one of the boards cabrinha spectrum 2012 or nobile nbl 2012.

Thx for help

Re: Spectrum 2012 vs nobile nbl 2012

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:48 pm
by droffats
We sell both boards.

In general, the Spectrum has a little more round tips, the NBL is slightly more square and has 1 centimeter larger fins. Otherwise, they are very comparable. Before the 2013 models, The Cabrinha boards were very average and we strongly favored Nobile. Now the Cab boards are much better. I still prefer the Nobile on the high end. But as a good, general, affordable, all around board, the NBL and Spectrum are pretty close.