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Cabrinha vs F One, North - 2013 kites

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Re: Cabrinha vs F One, North - 2013 kites

Postby Mkuzi » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:57 pm


I know it's a bit off the actual topic but thought I'd ask anyway...

I've been riding the B4s for few years and thought I'll try something more aggressive and ended up getting a 12m torch 2013. To be absolutely honest, I can't find my way around it and am struggling to do my usual high boosts, supermans and F16s that I used to do with ease on the B4. Ican see the potential of the torch , especially the unhooked ability but I do find myself missing my powerful B4s (im 95kgs)

It's time to upgrade this season so am actually struggling with the decision between new Bandits or sticking with the torch and giving it a full dedicated season (maybe get a 10m as well). I'd imagine torch would be similar to the Vegas although, when I tried the vegas I think it had slightly longer bar throw.

I also heard that the Core GTS2 is an amazing kite and am also considering it. Cabrinha wise, I thought I'll give them few years before they refine their c-sortof-type.

Any thoughts welcomed ! ! !

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Re: Cabrinha vs F One, North - 2013 kites

Postby davesails7 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:35 pm

johnny_dove wrote:Yeah, would rather buy the Vegas but believe it or not, the Vegas would cost me $ 900 more than the b6 or the Chaos...
Where are you located? That doesn't seem right. Are you getting really god deals from local shop for f-one and cabrinha?

I bought my 2012 vegas 12m kite only on ikite classifieds for $550, like new with one small repair.

On vegas vs torch, I haven't flown back to back, but I felt torch was faster turning and lighter on the bar. I flew 2011 torch 11m.

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