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green kiting?

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C Johnson
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Re: green kiting?

Postby C Johnson » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:30 pm

plummet wrote:
C Johnson wrote:
BWD wrote:my yellow board is green (if you disregard the polyurethane varnish) ;)
that's about it though -except I am still re-using an old car. 8)
I like how being green involves cutting down trees.

the whole being a "tree hugger" environmentalist is getting some new meaning these days isn't it. hehe
well mature trees absorb less c02 and produce less oxygen than growing trees. So we need to cut those bastards down and re-grow them to get the best c02 absorbtion possible....
nicely done... :thumb:

Is that a per tree statement? or a tree surface area statement? Find it hard to believe a 1yr old sapling would convert more C02 then a 100yr old doug fir. Unless were talking per square inch of foliage or something like that. Even then the 100yr old tree would still convert far more just because of its sheer size.

If anything though C02 is low. We gotta pump that shit into green houses to make our food grow faster.

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Re: green kiting?

Postby PhillipKennedy » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:34 am

Dr Makani wrote:I am not out to save the world. But I had an interesting conversation with couple of friends who are all watermen and waterwomen. So, we all are using the ocean as our power playground, but the 'one-million-dollar' question is:

How much of a 'green' agenda do we have? How sustainable is our life style to justify what we are doing in the water?

What material is our gear (kites, boards, harness, ...)? Do we even care? If new, sustainable product would be available, would be buy them? Do we carpool to go to the beach?

I know, I know - living in CA (with benefit of HI) being environmentally conscious is kinda' fashionable. But do we sometimes stop in our tracks and look beyond all the trash in the water, the broken surfboards at the beach and knowing that our boards been made of TDI - one of the nastiest stuff we can absorb through our skin ...

Some of the smaller surf shacks here in SoCal are starting to experiment with new, more sustainable material. I am eager to get my hands around it. I would wish some kite manufactures would turn their minds and join. No,
solar panel don't pay off, but they make a difference. Driving a Hybrid isn't cheaper, but it makes a small difference - So many things won't get cheaper nor pay off, but it's the right thing to do. So, just wondering what you guys think.

You have shared vital points.. We need to put strict efforts in order to use renewable sources of energy otherwise earth will not last much long
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William Munney
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Re: green kiting?

Postby William Munney » Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:47 pm

Brent4336 wrote:Sure we can push for green manufacturing, but we are a teeny tiny little industry. Its the auto and energy sectors that need be changed.

Lots of issues. As pointed out, people are clueless as to what actually constitutes green, where dudes and dudettes in their fancy new hybrids will thumb their egotistical noses at the old redneck in his 92 clunker and yet. He's the green one.

Dont litter, in fact pick it up, buy less gear less often, Carpool to the spot, Nothing wrong with these suggestions and no they will not save the world, but they help teach our kids that every bit counts and that its everyones problem and that in the end we are the ones that are gonna have to deal with it.

Im all for a green surfboard. Looking into a Lib Tech for the next one..... once I break one of the ones I have :-?
Love my Lib Tech snowboard and would like to see them succeed with the surfboards. But I read some disturbing breakage reports here regarding using them for kiting.

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Re: green kiting?

Postby Flyfish » Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:01 pm

Dr Makani wrote: - living in CA (with benefit of HI).
Here's something to think about...
You sound like you travel between CA and Hi oftain.
Every time you fly between the two, you use roughly the equivalent of the entire power requirements of one home in America for one entire year.

I don't say this from up on a soap box. I'm a professional pilot.

Like others have said, sitting on the beach talking about how to make our lines out of hemp is counterproductive.
It takes the dialog away from the real conversation about coal power plants, automotive milage standards, etc.
Instead, we need to talk about why we allow our politicians to make such horrible decisions. Which BTW has everything to do with campaign finance reform.

Collectively we need to wake up. We're shitting in our own bed.

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Re: green kiting?

Postby darippah » Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:15 am

I drive a prius. Because it saves me money :)

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Re: green kiting?

Postby Bille » Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:20 am

Flyfish wrote: ...

Collectively we need to wake up. We're shitting in our own bed.
Speaking of Bed ; best thing we humans can do for our planet, is start
using our beds for Sleeping, instead of making More babies .


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Re: green kiting?

Postby dafish » Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:08 am

Changing the perception of a consumerist society is what must be done. I drive a 23 year old Kombi, half a million kilometers on the same engine that has never been touched. People ask me when am I going to get a new car? I ask myself when will I ever need to rebuild the motor? Still doesn't burn oil and purrs like a kitten. Yes, it is rattly, no aircon, and the lights are a little dim, but it goes really well and starts every time. It carries my gear, or tools, or shelters me when I camp.
If you love ocean sports, live near where you play. Keep your environment clean. Participate in cleanup days. Recycle your old kites (I used an old Rev2 as a sail over my deck) I rebuild bridles with old bridles when testing new ideas, etc. I shaped myself an Alaia as well for low wind days. There are loads of small things you can do, and they all lead to a bigger picture.
Boycott those massive discount shopping days like boxing day and after thanksgiving. Marketing bullshit....avoid fast food chains as much as possible. Eat local and fresh when you can, it stimulates your local economy and keeps you healthier.
Most importantly, walk your talk.

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