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Cabrinha crossbow powerloss

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Re: Cabrinha crossbow powerloss

Postby Caesar » Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:12 pm

southflorida wrote:What would be useful to understand if bridle lines are stretching is to have a factory published length for each bridle line for each model, year and size of kite. I didn't measure my Switchblade 2011 bridles when maybe they have stretched a little?

Problem is, I have no reference to measure against.

(note to self - measure all bridle lines to the mm next time I buy new kite)
Yes, I agree that would be very useful.
I just asked the owner of Epic Kites about the lengths of the bridles of the Epic Screamers since I noticed some changes there too. I've got the lengths from him within 2 hours.

Caesar 8)

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Re: Cabrinha crossbow powerloss

Postby edt » Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:42 pm

shawn13 get someone else to fly your kite. A lot of times you become so used to the kite you can't really tell what is off, for instance it might be flying sideways because there's a knot in the left center bridle and you never noticed it, but someone else will pick up the kite and notice it right away.

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Re: Cabrinha crossbow powerloss

Postby shawn13 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:47 am

bigwave wrote:
shawn13 wrote:
experienced1 wrote:some thing is wrong...can't tell you what from here, but the 13m XB powerwise should be similar to the 14SB. When you installed the new center lines, did you retune the bar with all lines having equal tension with no depower strap pulled and the bar sheeted all the way in? Sound like your back/outside lines might be a bit long.
Yes I tuned the bar. All the way in and the lines are even. I tried putting the lines closer to the kite but it only helped slightly. I can't figure it out. Can a bridle stretch? I'd hate to replace that if the kite has lost shape or something...
Hi, can you bring the kite in to Silent Sports? We can have a look at it with you. 1-800-661-7873


I was planning to come in as soon as I returnfrom the Grenadines. Thanks Dave.

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