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K!nn Team @ legendary KTA Thailand!

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 6:13 am
by KINN Pro Rider Team
KTA Thailand is now on the last day. With light wind, the course racing has dominated the event with freestyle competition slowly continuing in the afternoons when the stronger wind appears.

There have been 6 TT races thus far with Anny sitting in first place for the females! She took the first 2 races with no problem. On the 3rd race she met her competition, 12 year old Yue from China and Lisa from Ukraine placed first and second with Anny coming in 3rd. Anny was back on top with the 4th race finishing 1st. Unfortunately at the start of the 5th race Anny's kite was taken down by another racer which caused a tangle that took her out of both the 5th and 6th race. Her score was however redressed by the judges and she starts the final day in 1st position with her competitors close on her heels!

Meanwhile the single elimination freestyle rounds continued. Long's first heat was against Bobby Samui from Thailand, another K!NN Team rider. Long won and advanced to beat Along (Philippines, F-one) in a very close heat to go on and face Hiro from Japan. Unfortunately in the light wind Hiro's 14m and skill out competed Long and his 12m. Long went on to fight for 3rd in the finals against Michael. However due to the light wind this heat was cancelled and we await the finish today! Pray for strong wind so Long can use his 9m!! Go Long, GO STRONG!!!

More pics can be found on K!NN Team facebook page ... 516&type=1