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Mounting a Contour+2 on the center strut...

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Mounting a Contour+2 on the center strut...

Postby Speedkillz » Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:46 am

I have an awesome friend who just bought me a brand new Contour+2 with a bunch of mounts. I have had really good luck filming my sessions using the Camrig Strut Mount with the GoPro Hero2 for about 6 months now. My GoPro fancy-shmancy dive housing decided that it wouldn't keep the water out. So, no more GoPro. After all of the problems I had with my GoPro and the pretty terrible customer support they gave me, I decided to go with the Contour. Yeah, not as good as the Hero3 Black as far as frame-rate and all that, but I am no Michael Bay. I can hardly tell the difference.

I put this together tonight: I took the flex strap mount and tossed the rubber strap it came with in the drawer (too short). I picked up a set of 7/8" wide Velcro One-Wrap straps at Home Depot for about $5. I punched a small oval at either end of the strap and made a very secure wrap to go around the center strut. I may be mistaken, but I think that the Camrig strut mount uses the same stuff, but a bit narrower. It fits super tight, and the little rubber pad on the back of the swivel mount keeps it in place nicely.

What do you all think of this? I hope to try it out if the winds will cooperate soon. I am going to dummy-cord it to the strut in case of something catastrophic, but I don't think that it can go anywhere. The center strut on my Switch Element tapers toward the tip. So, by mounting it about a foot from the leading edge (where the canopy joins the strut) it cannot slide down closer to the leading edge -- it is locked in place. There is even enough room on the T-rail to mount a second flex strap! Not sure if that is necessary. I figure that I will start with one strap and see if the camera moves around too much. It feels every bit as solid as the Camrig Strut Mount for the GoPro though.


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Re: Mounting a Contour+2 on the center strut...

Postby TheMaitomies » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:39 am

Looks pretty solid, I just got the contour+2 also and will be looking to rig it to my kite. I like the contour, very easy to use and great quality.

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Re: Mounting a Contour+2 on the center strut...

Postby stringy » Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:39 pm

that will work just fine. since you have the +2, before you head out, sync the bluetooth with your smartphone and check your perspective to make sure your camera is in line with the rider position. one degree off is noticeable so have someone assist you by just having the kite in the wind window and confirm the camera is pointed at you and you are centered in the frame. once you send the kite to noon, you will probably lose the bluetooth connectivity though so just do it while its with the wingtip close to the ground. also use 1920x1080 as this won't be as wide of an angle (135 degrees instead of 170)
one last thing, that mount has been known to "wobble" slightly even in locked position, so maybe throw a rubber band around the housing and mount to keep it tight against the mount.
I use a different setup but yours will work just fine.
also don't forget to rotate the lens so its in the correct orientation when the kite is parked when riding.
have fun-stringy

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