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Warning: if you try sliding hook you will never go back..

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Re: Warning: if you try sliding hook you will never go back.

Postby ronnie » Sat Sep 20, 2014 7:29 pm

Bille wrote:
Starsky wrote: ... Gated shackles are the only type that really have stood the test of kiteboarding time.

If you use the gated side facing your kite ; i recommend that you get
rid of the swiveling ability of that shackle ; so the pull string for the
release is always on the same side of the devise.

You can replace the string, with a bolt, so it activates on Both sides.

One way to do it.

This collar looks better than the bolt and balls.

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Re: Warning: if you try sliding hook you will never go back.

Postby juandesooka » Wed Sep 24, 2014 10:15 pm

so many options....I have a dynabar, but am thinking of trying a DIY version for my second bar.

Also have been toying with the idea of eliminating chicken loop on this -- first, I never unhook, so it is redundant; second, this brings bar closer which gains an extra 6" of throw (based on my arm length; using principle of new BRM bar). Though one negative: I regularly self launch with a carabiner, so a new system would ideally be able to accommodate this.

In pursuing a DIY option, the design challenge 1) maximum safety, with zero loss of current safety mechanisms; and 2) cheaper than dynabar, otherwise I may as well just buy another one of these tried and true sliders.

Blazeheli's ring on page 11 is the simplest. But would not work if chicken loop has the big looped end, like on Ocean Rodeo as the loop end could not fit through the ring. This would work with my BWS chicken loop, as it does not have big loop end. Also, this could work with the Ocean Rodeo bar if remove the chicken loop and directly attach with the webbing that operates the quick release.

Starsky's Wichard shackle on page 12 looks great...but violates Rule #2 above.

This Antal low friction ring with dynema loop could be a good set up. Connect it with a locking carabiner to chicken loop or directly to lines. Though at $50 it is an expensive connector.

Or just a plain old simple locking carabiner ... it slides on rope. Clip onto it directly.

Or one with a gate, to keep the sliding part and clip in parts separate

Or one more fancy with a roller to minimize friction:

Ack....getting too complicated and over-thinking this....probably either the simple stainless ring or get another dynabar. 8)

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