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FeedBack on Liquid Force Envy 2013

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:01 am
by Captain_East
I'm so close to by a new LF envy but found a lot of cheap resale deals? (sounds there's a problem)
I can't try a demo as I live in Egypt and it's still not available here, Kindly if you have tried it, state down your feedback.

May wind be with you all

Re: FeedBack on Liquid Force Envy 2013

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:46 am
by Da Yoda
I've been flying the Envy's for almost two seasons. If you're looking for a kite that does great for mixed riding... Surf, freestyle, wakestyle, then you'll be especially stoked. I ride a surfboard about 70% of the time. The Envy has awesome drift and turns on a dime. It's also a very stable kite with a tight canopy. Bar pressure is adjustable which is nice depending on your preference.
When I'm on my twin, the jumps are floaty & big. It also loops really nice for kiteloops. The wake crowd also seem to like this kite especially when unhooked. I can attest it's great unhooked when I'm on my surf & twin.
The bar is nice, but their below the bar trim can be challenging to engage/disengage sometimes. I'm using the Naish Universal bar with the Envy.
I think you won't be disappointed if you buy this kite sight unseen. Make sure to get one with the Maxflow valve... Makes pumping up the kite a piece of cake. ;-)

Re: FeedBack on Liquid Force Envy 2013

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:50 am
by Captain_East
Da Yoda, you've just put a smile on my face, thanks mate.

Re: FeedBack on Liquid Force Envy 2013

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:11 pm
by dyyylan
I've been riding them since the 2011 model and they get better every year, though they feel a little bit different

This year they have light to medium-light bar pressure, and are pretty quick and responsive. not as responsive as some kites, so perfect for beginners. it does turn pretty fast once you give it some input, which makes it great for wakestyle

3 struts with maxflow inflation means it pumps up faster than any other kite ive seen. i have my kite pumped and lines rigged up while others are still pumping up, haha.

It's a really lightweight kite that sits deep in the window, so it is super super stable in light/flaky wind. we ride in light wind most of the time here, and need the kite to be rock solid while putting boots on, and not drop it on some tourists head

because it's so lightweight it drifts really well, this is sort of what they designed it for, and it performs as expected

previous years it did not jump very well. it gave great glide, but the height was somewhat lacking. in 2012 it was a bit better and 2013 it goes just as high as any other kite i've flown. it does boost a bit differently - when you send the kite hard, it stays back in the window, right until you release off the water. it feels like it's going to drag you forward, but as soon as you pop up, it shoots to the top of the window and gives you awesome lift, and of course it's still a delta-shaped kite so it glides very well. very easy and forgiving to jump with

I also feel like its better for unhooking this year as well, i used to occasionally backstall the previous models when fully powered, but it's literally never happened to me on the 2013s. it gives an unhooked pull closer to a c kite than any other bridled kite ive tried. since it's bridled and sits deep in the window, you can load up forever on it. i personally like this a little better than having to be super aggressive and pop as soon as you unhook, it feels a little more like a cable pull to me.

this year's bar is a big step up too, the swivel performs as it should and is pretty simple. easy to clean. i never rinse mine with fresh water, just dunk it in the ocean before i launch the kite and give it a few swivels manually. there's a ton of sand stuck to it because i'm lazy, but it still swivels just fine. the grip has a beveled edge behind your fingers, so it's not a perfect cylinder. gives you a little extra grip which is cool

the relaunch is incredible, i actually have to be careful self-launching the 9 because it wants to be in the air so bad. if you crash it, it goes to the edge of the window, sits on a wingtip and waits for you to just steer it back up into the sky. ive never had to grab a line to relaunch, just turn the bar.

I can't really think of anything negative to say. Below the bar trim is kind of difficult to depower sometimes, I guess. It doesn't loop very fast, but that's not what the kite is designed for.

Overall if you are into surf, wakestyle, or just cruising it's one of the top kites in my opinion - i wouldn't ride them otherwise

Re: FeedBack on Liquid Force Envy 2013

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:31 pm
by Captain_East
Dylan you just wrote what my eyes want to read :))) .. yes I'm a beginner and looking forward to get an Envy thanks for the excellent feedback

Re: FeedBack on Liquid Force Envy 2013

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 9:49 pm
by tekko
Thanks to you guys with Envy's for sharing your experience.

Obviously, as an LF employee I would say they are amazing, which is true, and the kite I choose to ride, which is also true... So I'm lad others who have and love their Envy's have come forward to share their experience, so that e word can get out!!! Cause I know you wouldn't believe it if it was only me saying it :thumb: