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Good footpads for liquid force dlx 2013?? Anyone?

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Good footpads for liquid force dlx 2013?? Anyone?

Postby erijen1985 » Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:03 pm

I've been riding a 2011 dlx board from liquid force, and would like to upgrade to the 2013 version. Unfortunately the screws to mount the bindings are on line on this board, so I can no longer use my beloved "concept X" footstraps, as i cant get enough duck on them. I'm not to keen on the liquid force footpads, as I find them too flat on the surface, which does not give me enough grip.

Doeas anyone have any experience with other footpads on this board, or do yo know other footstraps that have a wide possibility of ducking, with a good grip on the pad? I saw a naish pad on a moneyshot board, that could work, but again I find it a bit flat on the pad. Maybe the only way is to go to boots?


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