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what kite has low bar pressure with power?

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Re: what kite has low bar pressure with power?

Postby MehYam » Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:15 pm

marlboroughman wrote:The bad news is that this condition likes to linger for a long time. In my case 6months for the left and 10months for the right one while kiting. The good news is for the first time there is a magic bullet and if you stop kiting you can cure your elbows quite fast.
The first video gives you immediate relief no b.s. it's the only thing that works out there.
The second one is useful for long term prevention.

:thumb: :thumb: Thanks for this - I'm definitely trying that out. I had a persistent shoulder injury last year and I used some rubber resistance bands to finally cure it, I'm hoping that flex bar does the same thing for the elbow.

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