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Masirah Island (Oman) July wind strength?

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Masirah Island (Oman) July wind strength?

Postby TeabagVic » Sat May 11, 2013 8:38 am

Is there anyone that have been more than once on Masirah Island (Oman) in the month of July?
Based on video I saw it show/says that it is regularly 30 kts everyday.

Unfortunately there are a lot of video where people mention it was 18-23kts (but then that was in May or unfortunately people posting the video didn't mention the date their trip was).

Based on windguru archive database (wind prediction database, not real wind of what it was), there is always a minimum of 18-24 kts everyday, with some 30 kts days.

But then again the windguru archive for Cumboco Sep/Oct is way less than Masirah Island, and from what I read there is more wind in Cumboco than windguru say there is (because thermal is not taken into account).

Is it the same thing with Marisah Island? If it is, its almost unbelievable!!! 25kts+ guaranteed everyday, wave or flat....

Any info on wind strength for that island would be extremely appreciated (for July in general).

Thanks, Ian

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Re: Masirah Island (Oman) July wind strength?

Postby chief_IMI » Sat May 11, 2013 4:57 pm

Hello from sunny Oman,
no worries, you can easily add around 5-10 knots to windfinder. :thumb:
July we will have mainly something between 25 and 45 knots.
The official weather station is based on the north side of the island behind a mountain chain on a air force building.
On our side of the Island you will have more wind.
That’s a screenshot of our own weather center 15th of July to 15th of August: ... =3&theater
But you need to add another 5-7 knots because the sensor is mounted above our wind wall. There is a bit a wind hold up. ... =3&theater
Basically we are out on a 7meter kite only, sometimes I’m happy to have a 5 meter as well… with my 73kg.

So just let me know about your plans I help you to set up the tour.


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