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new Flysurfer?

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Re: new Flysurfer?

Postby jb8431 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:58 pm

Regarding the Interesting rear bridle:

Not like Genetrix at all. Totally different function.
If my understanding is Correct this rear bridle will give a little more low end power, but will also increase induced drag which will translate too less upwind performance and slower forward speed as well as sitting further back in the wind window. To me this is the same as "Coning" which creates a highly tensioned trailing edge and causes a flap affect and traps more air and pressure under the canopy. This give low end grunt, but compromises efficiency. However, it looks like you can tune the rear bridle too minimize or eliminate it. Would be nice if flysurfer would give us a better understanding of it's effects on performance of the kite like upwind and position of kite in wind window. To me Coning is to much of a compromise in performance for the added lowend power. Would be better to have kite like the Switch Nitro2 which uses anti coning rigidity to trailing edge to avoid this induced drag and makes the kite very efficient and scream upwind while generating massive apparent wind and thus has great lowend power as well as high end efficiency and speed.

The interesting point is that it looks like you can decrease the coning effect, but can you entirely eliminate it by tuning the rear bridle.
So Flysurfer give us more info please:)

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