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Articulating Spreader Bars

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Re: Articulating Spreader Bars

Postby Eurus » Thu May 23, 2013 5:58 am

Oldnbroken wrote:If you want a hook that will not snap off anymore, get rid of the hook.
It is becoming a very popular (no cost) option that many surf kiters are going to.
Just grind off the remaining crap from your old Dakine spreader that broke and run a 6mm Amsteel rope from one side of the spreader to the other.
Then just hook your chicken loop around the rope before launch and go kite.
Nothing in your way, toeside riding is far easier, no chance of lines getting caught in your hook, the hook will no longer beat the hell out out of a surfboard, no longer does the hook hurt you the way you describe, the chicken loop opens from the rope and releases as well as from a hook, you can remove your donkey dick.
The rope has pull on both sides of the spreader and does not apply the same pressures as the hook receives in the middle, so it will be far less likely to ever fail, and you can replace the rope in two minutes for $6 any time you see any wear that you do not like.
You can also monitor the wear far better than a hook that will never really give you warning it is going to fail.
All this is for hooked only kiters though.
I know you opened this thread because you did not want it to get thrown in with other spreader bar conversations...and I get the impression you are young, which sometimes means impatient,...but if you take some time to search and read the threads that talk about the cool spreader bar options, some that kiters are making in their garages, without spending much money, you might pick up a some new ideas and information.
The reason I thought you were a boot rider was your comment, in another thread, about the geriatric Slingshot Joint straps, have you tried them?
Don't need a lecture buddy. I know what I want. Stay on topic please.

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Re: Articulating Spreader Bars

Postby Kamikuza » Thu May 23, 2013 6:09 am

Doesn't the rope chew through the chicken loop?

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Re: Articulating Spreader Bars

Postby L0KI » Thu May 23, 2013 6:30 am

Ayahuasca wrote:Don't need a lecture buddy. I know what I want. Stay on topic please.
Not a lecture, what you asked for...information, and given respectfully.
You do not know what you want...
That's why you're on this forum asking others to point out products you've not found on your own.
You complained about the price of a Dynabar that was suggested.
I described an articulating spreader bar option.. at less cost than Dynabar or Dakine.
Superior to your Dakine Pivoting Hammerhead.
But I forgot (since my kids are past that stage now) already know everything!

Kami - No it doesn't really, there is not that much movement unless surfing.
There are also several ways to configure the spreader, depending on what you want to do, you can add a ring, carabiner, expensive shackle, or go direct to CL, you can also cover the rope.
Ben Wilson, Josh Mulcoy, Ian Alldredge have all been filmed using rope set ups at some point in the last few years.
I have another (non rope) articulating hook that I use which works great, and is built like a brick outhouse.
I will send you a PM, don't want to post more information that will further frustrate the yout.

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