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Maui Kitebeach Issue

forum for kitesurfers

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby chemosavi » Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:54 am

Look at it any way you want, stick in your SouCal touche or right to access it's bottom line one dood's need for attention.

Repeat, one dood's need for attention.

Needs some MEANING in his life.

Everybody else has to pay.

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby SupaEZ » Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:56 am

Oldnbk's dog vs fo's :cash: :cash: :cash: is on the cat......MEOW
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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby JS » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:23 am

The real world of people trying to get along on a beach doesn't care about a bunch of time-wasters, myself evidently included, on an internet forum.

Though it may be entertaining to vent and try to seem smrt, the hours ahead that may go into building this thread won't likely be worth the paper it's printed on, just like the last two threads.

Cheers, and happy healthy activities,

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby BWD » Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:19 am

Has anyone noticed that Richard with his numbers and ridiculous formatting gives us the the 8th grade version of so-and-so's 6th grade smiley diarrhea?

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby tautologies » Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:25 am

SupaEZ wrote:When people say Hawaii we think immediately about waves and surfing :surf: :surf: :surf: :surf:

So the real deal here are the twintippers going in the flat shallow kiddie pool :mamma:

Go kitesurfing away from shore...forget about kiteboarding....YOU ARE IN HAWAII :cheers:
Ugh. I think all the misinformation is the reason they want it off the forums. You are wrong in your assumption.

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby DrLightWind » Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:21 am

People that are afraid to enforce their rights DON”T HAVE ANY.
Through the Internet no winners will be, that's the reason I mentioned delete.
But here is my resolution if some of you could understand it:

When the soul is healthy and radiating out to nature
beautifying conjured wild big birds in the air,
not tripped with screaming of "Typo A" disease.
Therefore man creates good vibes with their environment
and harmony in their home, plugged in with their neighbors,
and living as part of nature with the cycles in the now.
Today people are constantly living in the expectation of times.
In the name of better tomorrow that is happening to you,
and the times of perpetual future and excessive self preservation.
Therefore, life will pass unnoticed over his head,
which is already uses more than necessary for his ego games.
When you start to get to know yourself and discover your roots,
that opens a new life of momentum for you and beach goers will be smiling.
Than respect is created in the homeland with the native's spirits,
so peace and freedom reigns in the worlds without man made lines and borders.
Welcome to the world peace. :bye:


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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby RichardM » Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:50 am

fokiten wrote:
RichardM wrote:
tautologies wrote:Richard. wtf. why not respect that they handle it? They are capable people.
I'm an obnoxious, opinionated a$$hole.
And see # 11.
not at all...Richard.

I see you as verbose, with a penchant for minutia, and a bullet point mentality...

and rail at the thuoght of the tome one might receive having left their can at the curb post garbage pick up day...

e.g. that homey can sure enough dent your forehead with the length of it alone.
would I work that hard for so little?

I doubt it--- props for the shear all inclusive scope of it...


ps. not a dis , but you get my vote for the kiter most likely to own a cape and a pair of tights...

read: super hero street cred..
Thank you.

You're right about the cape, they never go out of style, but I chucked the tights in favor of speedos.

That's obviously why some of my admirers on the forum call me "Dick".

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby tautologies » Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:26 am

RichardM wrote: Thank you.

You're right about the cape, they never go out of style, but I chucked the tights in favor of speedos.

That's obviously why some of my admirers on the forum call me "Dick".

LOL, no speedos. I think you have that wrong. Opinionated is good..we all are..otherwise no one would be posting. My point was that because we know we have less information that what is optimal it might be best to leave the subject to the people that are there. :D

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby g00se » Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:33 am

rightguard wrote:I will reply one more time, just can't help myself.

Kanaha beach has been used by wind sporties for some time now. 20 years ago this area was not used by many except fisherman, divers, canoes and windsurfers. Even with its wonderful surf break it was never very crowded. Now so many more people are using the beach... SUP, surf,kite, windsurf, diving, fishing, swimming and close by tow in surfing. I think it is only natural there will be some problems. Just try and go out surfing on a good day and see how many people are using the space.

I don't think any kiter said..."hell with it, I'll just kite in this swim zone." It was just where we were asked to go to stay away from the airplanes and the windsurfers. If the county wanted to enforce some old swim zone law why wasn't there ropes out like there are 1mile up the beach.

Again I think places are just getting crowded and people are fighting over their perceived rights. Just like how obnoxious Richard can get, so do others. I think the fact that some are kiters has nothing to do with anything.

In an over crowded world we are going to have some fights and arguments but hopefully in the end everyone can hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Try and ask a simple questions instead of throwing stones.
Great summary and thinking. Very well put :thumb:

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Re: Maui Kitebeach Issue

Postby fokiten » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:09 pm

my pleasure...(@ Richard)

in my experience swimmers are for the most part stoked at the prospect of being close to kiters and salivate at the prospect of seeing one get slammed ...

and why not, talk about entertainment....ha, got to love the sound of flesh deforming on impact.

it's the mothers, and the counter point mother f- ers who in their DNA harbor the cape and tights mentality, and like the Dick have a penchant for minutia and a lusty desire to prevail...

now that's prevail on reitious grounds....on ideals that are foreign to the healthier more human

'did you see that dip shits head, I swear it almost went up his butt---!' fuc- en A them bitches are nuts'

so there you have it, in a normal world we are crash and burn NASCAR type entertainment..

and with a nod to Doc L/ W but sans the unicorn angle we the masses love a good thumping..

be it text, torture, or torment..

we're all a little sick in the head, and when it gets contentious --- it also gets boring..

so rock out with thy cock out and never mind the buzz killers, it's just a flaw in our collective DNA

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