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2013 Cabrinha Tronic Review

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Re: 2013 Cabrinha Tronic Review

Postby lyster » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:07 am

Thanks for the good review. I bought a 136 Tronic on the basis of this review after my 141 Crazy Fly Raptor Pro was stolen and was a bit disappointed to be honest.
I've only had one go on it so far and I find it a bit skatey (especially after popping airs) and difficult to drive through chop (bogs a bit), as compared to the Raptor and I wondered whether it had a bit too much rocker, needed larger fins or I needed to move my feet positions towards the tips slightly.
Ayahuasca, I just wondered, given your weight, if you found the 136 a bit small (I'm 80kg) for your weight?

In any case, I'm not sold on it yet, I've moved my feet position back a bit and see if that makes any difference.


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