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RRD Warranty

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Re: RRD Warranty

Postby Jbrook » Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:08 pm

To me for the price we pay for kites bladder materials are shit, kites have tripled in price but materials have gotten shittier or the same in my opinion. When you spend more you should get better quality?? Only thing evolving is higher prices not higher quality. Sure sail materials are better they say but if the bladder is shit well.... When will valves, bladders and stuff of such improve?

Yes kites explode on the beach when it is hot. I ask when will someone make a pump with a gauge that works for longer than the first few times? When will someone make a good pump that lasts? I love to kite I just hate that materials are so average like bladders, valves, one pump stuff. :rollgrin:


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Re: RRD Warranty

Postby pmaggie » Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:56 pm

I bought a total of 4 Core kites and never had an issue. Only one time, after two years of use (no more warranty), my QR activated by itself while I was sailing. Back on the beach, I tried in any way but I was not able to simulate the problem, everything seemed to work fine. Anyway, I wrote to Core and asked for their opinion. They simply told me "no problem, we are sending a courier to fetch the bar and check". The day after, the bar leaved for Germany at their expenses. They checked the bar and found the QR spring was damaged, then they fixed the problem and sent the bar back with their excuses for the inconvenience! All for free and in less than a week! Note the bar was not covered any more by the warranty!!
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Re: RRD Warranty

Postby Caesar » Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:04 pm

BigPaul wrote:Adrenalin Driven, you are bang out of order.

Kit is expensive and as the buyer you are well with in your rights to get something inspected to see if its faulty. Faults do happen all the time. this is no reflection on any brand it's just life. to say your new kite exploded live with it cause it more than likely your fault (which it probably is) is just plain stupid.

Take it to the company not the forum??????? what the f*** is a forum for! yes take this up with whom he bought it from first. but he has and got an unsatifactory response. Asking the Forum rather than just excepting their answer is the correct thing to do.

RRD make great products that is not in question. They normally have fantastic customer service. On this one I'd agree he has cause for concern.

I agree 100%.

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Re: RRD Warranty

Postby jumarcil » Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:02 pm

Clear wrote:I bought in Jan 2013 a RRD Religion MKIII 5m from Cabrihna Shop of Cape Town.
In June 2013, in Sardinia, I connected the lines to the inflated kite and after 5 minutes, while I was dressing my wetsuit, it exploded.
The explosion was caused for the broke seam in connection the leading edge and the side bladder.
About 10 kiters were there and watch the explosion.
I talk about the episode direct with Mr. Roberto Ricci and he said me that the warranty does not cover this damage and the solution he gave me was fix it, sell it and I will give you a discountt on the next kite you buy us.
I disapproved his solution but I have had to fix the kite spending €100 for the labour and €70 for the expedition.
Is it possible that an expensive kite it is not covered by the warranty?
Has someone had a warranty kite problem like this before?
If I would have gotten this kind of answer without them even looking at the kite it would have been the last $$$ Mr Ricci would have ever gotten from me.

We hear about kite production problems all the time so yes it is possible that there was a flaw in the stitches or seams; who knows.

It might or might not be your fault but that is beside the point. They should at least give you a chance to prove your point.

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