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How to prevent the board to fall off with straps?

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Re: How to prevent the board to fall off with straps?

Postby jats2k9 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:13 pm

ok, I'm up for boots, but often I hear someone says that you need the right conditions in order to ride on boots. I don't really understand this since I've seen riders on boots on flat, choppy, and small waves.

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Re: How to prevent the board to fall off with straps?

Postby Tiago1973 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:44 pm

i´ve changed to boots to never went back, i ride mostly in open sea with small kickers (waves)

the time i feel i´m stretching my luck is in those days where the occasional sets are no longer small, but then it´s a question of keeping the ride within reason and stay more into the inside. in those days i don´t tight my laces as i want to be able to eject easily (or more easily) and even so never had just 1 foot coming out of the boots

reckon that in a couple of occasions i went too far and being into the wash machine with the boots on could be a bit scary. this is what shall be avoided
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Re: How to prevent the board to fall off with straps?

Postby mattthieu » Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:00 pm

might be off topics, but : i was riding pretty tight straps when i was begining, afraied to get out !

then, i started jumping and had a few bad landings and was happy to be able to get my feets out of the straps before getting hurt. but still, tight straps

then i started to get strapless in light wind ( go the straps away from my light wind board ) and begun ejoying it, build myself a straless weird board and i'm enjoying riding it even till 20 25 knot.

now, my straps are loose and i keep my board. because riding strapless ( and getting strapless over chop and small waves ) helps you FEEL the board and learn where to aply pressure and so on, i like it now to be able to moove my feets around even in the straps !

maybe give it a try, the worth that can happend is you body draging few minutes to get back the board as you fall down powered and get away from board.

PS : put surf wax on the board !!!

PPS : I know it does not solves powered tricks and so, but works great for average rider and usual old scool jumps.

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