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2011 Star Kite S-Bow 11M

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2011 Star Kite S-Bow 11M

Postby Eurus » Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:28 am

Anyone familiar with Star kites? How well they fly, build quality, etc? I know they are made in the DR but just wanted to get some first hand feed back on them.

I am looking at an unused 2011 11M S-bow and want to know if they are considered good for boosting or float?


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Re: 2011 Star Kite S-Bow 11M

Postby KYLakeKiter » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:16 am

I have a couple of 09 S-bows. 11m and 15m. These kites fly OK, and they get the job done. That being said, they are my least favorite kites. Most of my kites are older, but I think my slingshot T2 and T3 are better kites. For boosting, my 09 Nemesis 14m is much better than the S-bow 15m. I also think the 11m S-bow feels like it has about the same power as my 9m SS T3.

My other complaint with these kites is that I have learned the most about kite repair from them. I have repaired 4 strut seams between the 2 kites, and have done numerous valve repairs on both kites.

All this complaining aside, the kites fly fine and I have had good sessions on both of them. Hopefully the 2011s have improved, but for me, I will go with another brand when I replace them.

As with any used kite, if the price is right, buy it and wear that sucker out. Best of luck.

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Re: 2011 Star Kite S-Bow 11M

Postby BigPaul » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:47 am

Hi Ayahuasca

I have the Starkite Taina 10 and 14 2012. the build quality on my kites is really good in my opinion. I've had them now for near on 2 years with no sign of wear on either of them. I'm thinking of picking up 2013 kite.

Not sure about the S-bow as I've never seen one. but for sure in 2012 the kites are of a solid build. This is the same time that they stopped make the s-bow so there might be a reason there? I would give it a look over you will know if it's not up to scratch.

if you go to kite world mag, they have reviews of these kites online so you can see what they have to say.

As always I would recommend trying before buying.


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