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Liquid Force HifiX2 - Anyone ride it? Tuning?

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Liquid Force HifiX2 - Anyone ride it? Tuning?

Postby swimmer » Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:19 am

I have been riding the Hifi X2 (and X1) for a year now an I am curious about others' opinion on it compared to the other ckites on the market?

I got to try my 9m Hifi back to back with my friends 9m 2015 GP and 10m 2016 Torch a few days ago and I found the hifi's kitelooping characteristics the least desirable out of the 3 kites. The torch had the best feel in the loops in my opinion with a slight delay in the initiation but then driving through the loop with smooth power and lots of speed. The GP initiates a bit faster, its loop feels a little pivoty sometimes (which i don't mind) and it also drives and shoots up well. The Hifi has a delay on the initiation and performs a slower wider loop with not as much forward drive speed.

Is there a front and back attachment setting I should try on the hifi get the most out of it for loops and big-air?

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Re: Liquid Force HifiX2 - Anyone ride it? Tuning?

Postby dylan* » Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:52 pm

If you dont have as much forward speed as you need/want you probably need to depower it a bit. I haven't flown the hifi but this is typical of a lot of kites when youre trying to loop them. If you havent trimmed it enough there may be too much drag that is causing the hesitation through the loop -- this is the same reason you want to sheet out as you complete the loop so the kite can shoot up to the top of the window and catch you. if you really want a looping kite grab a fuel

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