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Slingshot Sports Introduces 2014 Kite Line Up

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Re: Slingshot Sports Introduces 2014 Kite Line Up

Postby Babel » Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:21 pm

GraemeF wrote:
Babel wrote:[
All in all they say its one of the best high performance freeriders, and it sounds as if they even think its better than the Rebel (thats a first).
Than a Rebel? That Bow tie crock.. I lost my niece for two hours one evening to the delights of a bow tied Rebel, they shouldn't be allowed to market that, you have to be very careful what you read in Germany, very political (North and other local market biased) tests. I wouldn't even put the two in the same sentence.

Sorry for the rant, but five lines in this day and age?
Well, they dont judge the kite by the preference of the riders (4/5 line) but by the performance. I flew North before and after my RPM tore the trailing edge way to soon I decided to go back to good quality and bought them again (german engineering).

BTW: How can a test be political? You mean by pushing german brands? Definitely not them: 1. After they last tested Carved boards (same brand as core kites) the company owner forbade any further test because of the results.
2. Look at the test of the Ralley 2014. If they would be political, why would they rank it so high?

Anyway, just translated cause someone asked. I dont feel like arguing about pros and cons of 5th lines or It works for me and so: Whatever floats your boat. For some its rants :D

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