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Action Packed Sunday at the Beetle kitesurf World Cup

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Action Packed Sunday at the Beetle kitesurf World Cup

Postby Toby » Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:43 pm

PKRA News:

Action Packed Sunday at the Beetle kitesurf World Cup

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Sunday brought great winds to the Beetle kitesurfing World Cup in Saint Peter Ording, Germany. The trials for the men and women were finished and the 1st round of men and women of the main event were completed. The competition started at 8:30 in the morning and finished just after 8 in the evening. The action was nonstop with men and women battling to qualify for the main event. Every heat was very exciting with no clear favorites and every rider fighting to make it into the next round and main event.

With 48 heats being run today, it is very hard to give due credits to all the riders that entered the competition today. It is not possible to mention all the riders that took to the water today, but we can say that everyone was charging hard and giving it their best. In total 8 women and 57 men were eliminated from the competition, 12 women than 24 men remain to try to claim €52,000 in prize money and a chance to win the 2013 Beetle kite surfing world cup.

Here is how the trials finished:

in the 2nd round of the men’s trials, 9 heats of men were run, with the winner going straight into the main event and the 27 remaining riders moved onto the next rounds to claim the last 5 spots. In the 1st heat Paul Serin had a flawless heat and took the win. The 2nd heat hutter got and is grabs and stylish back mobes and S3 to also advance. Up next Ariel Corniel from the Dominican Republic landed a perfect front blind mobe to advance to the main event. In heat 22 Garashchenko surprised some top riders by taking the win. Next on the water Patrick Blanc was riding really well right from the start and also secured a spot into the main event. Aaron Hadlow was in the next heat and easily qualified my getting some nice toe mobes and mobes 5’s. Heat 25 at 2 Brazilians battling, Evandro da Silva upset Madson to advance. The final 2 heats of the round Jaspan and Rondina both advanced with some very technical tricks like the G-spot and crow mobe.

In the 3rd round of the trials, 9 heats of 3 men were run with the winner advancing to the next round and the 2 other riders being eliminated from the trials. In this round many top guys were eliminated like Garat.S, Burgers, Bakker, Font, Hays, Alcazar and many more excellent riders. In The 4th round nobody was eliminated but the winner qualified for the Beetle kite surf World Cup. The 1st heat had Umpierre, Neto and Spiessberger. The heat was very close but Spiessberger got some very solid tricks in and won the heat. Heat 38 Shitzhofer, Scholte and Garat.V had a great heat but Scholte put a lot of power in all his tricks and won. The last heat of the round Onieva, Madson and Suriel also had a great heat with Suriel landing some tricks with the kite super low, with lots of power.

The 5th round of the men’s trials only had 2 heats with the winner advancing. In the 1st Heat Umpierre defeated Garat.V and Onieva to qualify for one of the last two spots into the main event. The last heat of the trials was the most exciting with Neto and Madosn battling hard with Madson defeating Neto and Schitzhofer in the dying minutes of the heat with a perfect KGB 5. After that heat the men’s trials were finished and the main event was set. Just a draw was needed to seed the last 8 men.

The women’s trials were also extremely exciting with all the girls being able to land blind judges, 313, KGB’s and other technical moves. The girl’s format was a bit different than the men’s with the winner of each of the 7 heats advancing into the main event. In the first round Lange, Lammerts, Taabbel and tour veteran Jungo qualified for the main event. The next round it was do or die for the girls, with only the winner advancing. Valvatne upset Whiteley and Van der Snoek to qualify in the first heat. In the final two heats Novotna and Sloloveykina both qualified for the main event with some great handle passes.

After 8hrs of trials the main event was ready to start. The 1st heat on the water was Hutter vs Garashchenko, Hutter was riding very well and defeated the Russian. Next Blanc vs Hadlow was on the water with Aaron being extremely consistent and technical defeating Blanc who was riding well landing some great tricks. Hadlow’s victory sets up a rematch of France, with Youri Zoon in round 2. The following heats Jaspan and Spiessberger advanced with many technical tricks. The 5th heat with Madson and Umpierre was a matchup of the two men that had gone through 5 heats in the trials to qualify, even though they were both tired, they charge hard and Umpierre took the win. Up next Rondina was looking great landing many toe side mobes and a nice back mobe. The last 2 heats of the 1st round Rodwald the german champion advanced and Suriel advanced over his country man Corniel.

In the 1st round of the women’s main event all the favorites advanced. Novotna defeated Soloveykina in a close heat, with both girls landing some technical passes. Lange upset the German champion Lutz at home. Jungo and Lammerts had a very close heat with similar tricks but Jungo just got the edge. The final heat of the day the two girls Valvatne and Taabbel had a hard time finding their rhythm but Taabbel did enough to win.

The 2nd day of the PKRA beetle kite surf World Cup was truly action-packed. The trials were some of the most competitive we have ever seen on the PKRA and the rest of the competition should be even better. The wind forecast is looking light for the next few days, so it looks like we will probably be switching over to slalom and have to wait until the weekend to finish the freestyle competition. If you miss some of the today’s action make sure you check out the pictures, videos, live results and the

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