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Moving to C-Kites.

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Re: Moving to C-Kites.

Postby edt » Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:17 pm

jats2k9 wrote:Well, to turn this bar into a 5th line system, I just have to add an extension to the red line so that it reaches the kite, and untie the knot this one has were the Y begins. This way, it will flag to the 5th line instead of stay flying on the two front lines. This bar is almost the same as the GP bar. The diference is the 5th line.
You really want 10 meters of bar throw when you flag to a 5th line. The redline system doesn't throw that far I think it goes 2 meters? so it could kiteloop after quick release.

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Re: Moving to C-Kites.

Postby jedi1 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:33 pm

JGTR wrote:
I what way?....both look pretty similar to me - I've never flown a Fuel but pretty sure it isn't hard, its just a kite at the end of the day all the same rules apply? Maybe not great for a beginner but if you can fly a bridled kite to a competent standard then you'll have no problems with any modern C kite :thumb:
I didn't say it was hard to fly Fuel. It is just different than Torch. Fuel doesn't react so much to bar input, you have to yank the bar more to move it. It is also a bit slower during turns. Because of a thick leading edge it also sits deep in the wind windows whereas Torch likes to go to the edge fast.

Just because both are C kites doesn't mean they fly the same.

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