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Kitesurf Fatality in Germany

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Re: Kitesurf Fatality in Germany

Postby edt » Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:03 am

I strongly recommend against wrapping your leash around your back. What happens if you get into a death loop is you throw the first quick release, and then what happens I can only describe as something akin to being Satan's yo-yo occurs. The kite unrolls you from the leash with such sudden velocity and force that you snap like a whip, completely disorientated from the spin, you can land up down sideways any direction. Then smack the water so hard it will ring your bell, good luck finding your leash QR after that. I'm not sure if it's worse or better than leashing to the handle pass, but it's a bad way to leash.

Just shorten your leash.

It's quite easy to shorten a leash, you cut back some of the outer covering to get at the dyneema stuff, cut it off at one end and splice a new loop to whatever length you want. Talk to your local kiters, should be someone who knows how to splice, it should take less than 5 minutes, 10 minutes if you rip the covering off too far and have to sew some back on.

tony montana
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Re: Kitesurf Fatality in Germany

Postby tony montana » Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:55 pm

Toby wrote:easy:

connect it to the right side of the harness, and attach it to the 5th line or whatever ring on the left side!
So the leash goes around your back.

I normally then do one knot in the soft part of the leash, and it will be perfect!

Good tips,knot on leash great idea,Thanks TONY

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