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Any tips on slipping clamcleat?

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Re: Any tips on slipping clamcleat?

Postby Saami » Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:54 pm

eree wrote:besides the water salinity is the potent factor for corrosion too. may be Peter Frank has less salt in the water he is riding?
Maybe, but I bet the most important factor is how often you actually use your clamcleat. Some people adjust their trim all the time while riding, while others almost never touch it. I'd think that a waverider who rigs for the gusts is going to adjust his trim a lot less often than a flat-water kiter who likes to ride overpowered. Peter is a waverider and I'd guess that he usually tends to rig small?
SupaEZ wrote:Put your bar on kite canopy or on your board when you are done

No rinsing ever needed....and i kite at beach with all types of sand textures..... @ 200 ++ days a year
You kite mostly in pretty light winds, right? Good luck trying to keep sand off anything when you're on a beach with fine sand in 30+ knots :thumb: Given enough wind, the sand will find it's way onto everything...

But you are right that trying to keep the bar away from the sand will help, of course.

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