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Light winds at the Burn Kitesurf World Cup

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:40 am
by Toby
PKRA News:

Light winds at the Burn Kitesurf World Cup

The strong afternoon thermal never came up, but the racers went out for two exhibition races to show the crowds of Burc beach what Slalom kite racing is all about. Bryan Lake and Julien Kerneur were the top riders of the day, with Bryan winning both races and Julien second. Elena Kalinina won her race over Ceylan from Turkey. Tomorrow is the last day of the competition, the forecast is looking good and we are looking forward to possibly running four races.

The first race of the day had an eight man fleet which made the start quite technical. The riders were not being very aggressive but the course was setup for high speeds. Lake did not have the best start but was in the lead before the second mark. Julien Kerneur was behind him followed by Bridge, Gruber, Castel, Bacher, Iyigun and Biniasch on his foil board. A few changes took place in the pack with Smith getting the 3rd place.

The second race was once again dominated by Lake who was in front almost the whole time, followed by Kerneur. At the end of the race Gruber came in third with Castel and Gruber battling for 4th but Bridge crashed and Castel safely sailed to the finish line. Smith came in 6th, followed by Iyiguna and Biniasch on his foil.

On the womens side only Elena and Merve Ceylan went out and both had a great race with Elena winning.

The Slalom racing will resume tomorrow for the final day of the burn world cup. Bryan will try to defend his first place along with Boenniger. Elena looks like is only a few wins away from moving into first.