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Back Mobe Help!

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Re: Back Mobe Help!

Postby sijandy » Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:25 pm

peet wrote: I did speak to one very well known pro kitesurfer about back mobes, and it took him 3 years to learn it...
out of interest... who?

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Re: Back Mobe Help!

Postby funalex » Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:26 pm

your attempts looks very are closed to succeed !

I see one major mistake at the end of the move, try to look for the kite-bar to catch ir in the center, and to put your second hand on it. Looking for the kite at the end of the move will push you to land it correctly.

then, your second hand will be the key to always land the move, think about it earlier.

the way you are moving is good, keep that. If you feel not enough slack, try to rotate into yourself faster just before the pass.

I tryed backmobe during 2 years before having it at 90%, arround 30 crashes at each session ;)

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Re: Back Mobe Help!

Postby Mr Harris » Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:50 am

Hi Pete,

Really good efforts on those clips.

Two things to add. Firstly you can see at about 00.09 that once you've passed the bar your head is still facing backwards. Make an effort to keep looking over your front shoulder, as taking the landing looking forward will feel far more natural and will become more consistent.

Secondly once you have passed the bar you need to keep your front arm bent and solid, so that your leading hand stays close. As soon as your arm stretches you'll be off balance.

So next time first think head for a few attempts and then concentrate on the bent front arm. You'll find the head will help with the arm. Everything else looks good.

In answer to speedyRider you do need to edge long to get the rotation, but the timing is crucial. Many kiters miss the "moment" to pop when they edge for longer and as a result kick against air. You must find a balance between edging further upwind but kicking early enough that it pops you up. Most effective way to do this is to bear away more on your approach as then you have time to edge for longer and get the rotation but still kick off before you get through the eye of the wind.

Hope this helps. Will get a Quick Tip up on the Back Mobe. In the meantime here is one we did on the Back to Wrapped:)


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