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 Post subject: Pros and Cons on the Gaastra Bar System X2
PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 9:12 pm 
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Hei I'm Simon.
I am looking for a new kite to ride this fall since I have sold my BEST GP kite. I really liked that kite, but I did not like the depower system, some times it would not hold the position when i depowered it, maybe it was because the lines were all new and slippery. I have been searching around to see what is out there at the moment and fallen upon Bar System X2 from Gaastra Kites.

It looks really nice and I like that it comes with an adjustable clam cleat that gives the freedom to adjust the travel of the bar and the depower range. I am writing to you because I want to hear the bad things about it(if you know what I mean). The stuff that the reseller or producer will not tell me!!

I have seen all the pros in the video and I want to hear if there should be any cons or bad things to say about it.

Maybe some of you have tried it and have experienced something. Does the rear lines get caught in the clam cleat? Does possibility of adjusting the clam cleat com in handy? How tight is it, when you want to adjust the clam cleat? Does the plastic hold? etc.

I am trying to gather as much info on the bar before I am buying one.. Hope you can help me!!
Aloha Simon :naughty: :bye:

 Post subject: Re: Pros and Cons on the Gaastra Bar System X2
PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:54 am 
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This system looks to be almost an exact copy of the blade Unibar or maybe even the core sensor. I would check those threads out for pros and cons

 Post subject: Re: Pros and Cons on the Gaastra Bar System X2
PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:27 am 
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Here's my personal experience on this bar...
Pros =
Clean and simple design. Very similar to North's and Core's bars and some others too.
Single-line flag system. You wouldn't know by looking at it due to the high V point on the front lines. Looks more like a dual-line flag design.
Auto-untwist line system. Works just like Core's. Nice feature imo.
Easily adjustable bar travel/reach. The cleat was easy to open/close to adjust. Another nice feature and well thought out imo.
Adjustable line lengths from 21-24m with extensions. Great for different kite sizes or riding type.
One bar for all kite sizes (line width is adjustable), but I didn't get to see how easy it was to adjust.

Cons =
Heavy, large diameter bar. Was way too heavy and too thick for my preference.
Magnet lock on the safety needs some careful attention to not accidentally activate... especially when attaching the CL to your spreader bar hook.
High V point from where the front lines split makes self landing a little more challenging and may cause some kites to "pinch" due to it's fixed angle of pull causing poor flying characteristics.

 Post subject: Re: Pros and Cons on the Gaastra Bar System X2
PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:16 pm 
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i use gaastras X bar for over a year now, it is previous model to X2.
it differs from X2 mainly by the colour of the CL and the shift adjuster. older ones are blue, X2 has a blacks.
X2 doesn't have o-shit handles and has longer floaters.

it is actually the first gaastra bar with the functioning bar ends bungee line organizers (at last!).
lock on the shift adjuster is holding really fast, in fact i don't think everyone is capable to unlock it with the wet fingers. you most probably need some thin piece of metal or hard plastic to open it, which is a good thing imo - no risk of involuntary unlocking. well anyway, i didn't need to change the bar throw a lot. it stays pretty much the same as it was right from the bag.

never had problems with the magnet QR, not a one involuntary release. once the QR picked up some 2mm steel debris and had to be cleaned, but same have to be done with the traditional mechanical QRs when some sand grain gets in it. swivel works fine.
never experienced the rear lines get caught in the clam cleat :?: i can not even imagine how it could happen.

as for the bar diameter or above bar clamcleat, i don't care, i'm a big guy. smaller guys can always buy slingshot bar :)

depower line runs around the small diameter pin in the quick release swivel. it is the only thing i'm not happy with. you better check the depower line in this place every now and then, looks like it's the place where it could wear itself until it breaks some time eventually.

but in all i'm satisfied with this bar. in fact i bought same QR and same clamcleat with shift adjuster for my self-made race bar. you can always modify its high Y front lines to normal length, no problem.

PS: and of course the bar ends colours are not for the red-blue combination lovers, it is black(left)-white(right)

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