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Best TS V2 vs. North Evo 2013

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Best TS V2 vs. North Evo 2013

Postby simokite » Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:19 am

Hi guys,
I'm going to replace my RPM 2012 and I was thinking about the 2 mentioned above kites.
Unfortunately I won't have the chance to try them before buying.
I'm 86. Kgs and I'm looking for a kite that boost high and easy to relaunch.
Have somone the chance to tried them?
Every comment will be welcomed.

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Re: Best TS V2 vs. North Evo 2013

Postby harppa » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:33 am

No idea about the EVO but a good bit of the TS.
TS defenitely boosts well. From some others (Best and non-Best) I have tried it has pretty huge windrange you can have fun with it. Doesn´t get scary even when the wind picks up a fair bit.
Relaunch is excellent, I have sold (yes I am biaced) a good bit of TS:s from beginners to advanced and all seem to be very happy with it.
Only thing I have tried that relaunches better is the Kahoona.
And if it matters to you it is very very good in unhooking.

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Re: Best TS V2 vs. North Evo 2013

Postby Da Yoda » Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:02 am

I've flown both of these models in the 8m size and I felt they were very comparable kites in how they performed. I'm about 65kg and ride both twin and directional boards. Personally I think you'd be happy with either kite. I did feel that the Evo was a little more stable during gusts, but I think it's due to the battens on the wing tips. Jumping on the Evo was also AWESOME for hangtime! The attention to detail and the overall construction is more sophisticated on the North kites imo. I also like North's control bar better than Best.
Whichever one you get though, I think you'll be stoked! ;-)

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