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Re: Allarounder for waves and wakestyle, which would you get

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:34 am
by windrt
Motion wrote:
How is the pop and the slack compared to Prime? Also how is low end? Did the made mist more grunty?

Well, I'd say the pop and slack were similar, but I only rode both kites for a couple of minutes, so I guess I can't confirm 100%. I will ask a friend who rides Prime for a better comparation.
Peter_Frank wrote:Windrt - the kite (of the mentioned) with the most depower is the best wavekite :thumb:

It seems you hover around its wakestyle capabilities, as this is what you do the most.

Many like a kite with a steady pull (low end), and no backstalling, and 5 lines - for wakestyle it seems.

Almost the opposite is needed for a wavekite - where you want a kite with max powerdump (no low end), and still able to control/steer the kite, and 4 lines :naughty:

So it is a difficult choice IMO, as two very opposite kite types.

On the other hand - if you are normal "medium" weight or lighter, a 9m2 is a light wind kite (in waves), where depower is not that critical - thus you can just go with the free/wakestyle kite you feel is best - and it will work great in waves too.

For medium wave kite sizes, 6-8m2, it is more difficult to please both styles :roll:

And for small wavekites, 4-6m2, it is even more of a black and white difference.

8) Peter
Thanks for the wise advice.
I hardly ever surf in medium waves or higer winds. Never more than 32-33 kn. So I guess it's good news.