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liquid force hifi-x 2014 for waves

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liquid force hifi-x 2014 for waves

Postby longwhitecloud » Thu Oct 10, 2013 6:42 am

i don't buy into the specialist kite market, just need a kite that does everything. Some of the wave kites are utter shit for other disciplines. Anyone waveride with liquid force c kites? Torch, vegas, combat - all totally good for waveriding. Any other ideas - ie 5th line c kites.

The rough path so far

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wipi freeair 8.5 (wore first one out)
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Naish x2 18m
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Takoon c kite 9.5
Takoon c kite 14
Takoon 11.5m
North Vegas 12
Slingshot Fuel 11m
Slingsht Fuel 9m
Eh Rhipper 9m
Naish Torch 12m
Naish Torch 8m
Naish Torch 11m
Slingshot Fuel 6m
North vegas 14m
Switch combat 7m
North Vegas 12m 2012 (borrowed)
Switch combat 9m
Switch combat 11m

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Re: liquid force hifi-x 2014 for waves

Postby maxpowers » Sun Oct 13, 2013 5:30 pm

They don't drift well but I, like you dont buy into all that super you need only this kite for this crap,
I can kite circles around most numptys I see in the waves with there super wave kites haha!
Hifi x is an excellent kite period.

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