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Self Launch Anchor Technique Problem

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Re: Self Launch Anchor Technique Problem

Postby SupaEZ » Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:48 pm

magnetjim wrote: you have a video of your launch technique you could post?
would help me alot :)
Don't quite understand your setup. Kite on its back with the LE downwind and TE upwind puts the TE totally perpendicular to the wind flow.

I think you have misread something and that's ok
In any case i will send you a video in a private message for you to look at

Pump kite on it's back with one wingtip upwind (with sandbag in kite only during pumping)
I line up the kite so that the central edge of the TE is exactly parallel to the wind flow
The LE alignment with the wind will be such then that very little wind can get under LE and lift kite

Check the wind flow direction by tossing sand in the get the TE position just right...
....or use the empty sand bag as a flag or wind sock before you fill it up to check direction

Once kite pumped take sandbag out from in the kite and put it mostly on the beach and partially....
.....on the wingtip are basically draping a smaller amount of weight to hold kite down
No bag or weight inside the folding of wingtip

So TE in line with wind flow...launch at a 45 degrees angle from TE by walking steadily backward...
...kite pops right up ......nearly at the edge of window...quite easily

Check your private message :wink:

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