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First boots?

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First boots?

Postby MACTNKA » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:02 pm

Hey guys, what brands have you experimened with and what brands did you end up sticking with? I have no idea where to begin and that's why your advice would be much appreciated! Comfort is ofcourse my biggest concern, but durabillity, ease of use and even looks are of essence as well. Thanks in advance!

elliott george
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Re: First boots?

Postby elliott george » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:07 am

I got in to boots a year ago and i bought hyperlite remix bindings. They are awesome, I'd buy a new pare but I'm broke. They are really comfortable and great if you want to pop hard because it's quite a high cut boot, but also it has a lot of flex which allows you to grab the board. It also has a 2 zone tightening lace so you can loosen the top part of the boot for grabs. I had a go on there system bindings at the cable and there really good but there unbelievably expensive. Ronix apparently do good bindings, I've never ridden them. But they are really pricey!! If you have a local cable park, go there and try on a few boots.

P.s make sure they fit your board before you buy them......good luck!

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Re: First boots?

Postby dyyylan » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:09 am

doesn't really matter, they all do the same thing. once you try your first few pairs youll figure out if you want something higher/lower cut, softer/stiffer flex etc. If you have a shop nearby try a few on, you can get wake boots or kite, doesn't really matter.

most of it is preference, for example i went with LF cradles because it's easy to wash the sand out with the open toe design, and I like the velcro so I can get out of them easily - my spot is a choppy mess so you have to walk up the beach a lot more frequently than a perfect flatwater spot.

factors like that might help you decide which is better for you

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Re: First boots?

Postby ralfiboy » Tue Oct 22, 2013 2:25 am

Ronix are lightweight, easy entry and the intuition liner makes them comfortable no matter what. Mines have been holding up for a couple seasons now, but theyre beginning to look used to say the least.

Next boots of mine will definitely be the Hyperlite System bindings. Would be nice to always be able to have one hand on the kite when strapping in, and i like the extra support and stiffness the "snowboard" bindings provide. And having boots on at all times is nice when its cold.

But since its your first pair of boots youll be happy either way i think. Whatever your buying, look at weight, easy entry and fit. Thats what youre going to notice in the beginning, stuff like low/high cut, OT/CT and stiffness is something youll make your mind up after riding different boots, personal preference really. although i would recommend high cut and stiff boots, much better for the ankles IMO.

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