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Different kite for snowkiting?

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Re: Different kite for snowkiting?

Postby Dag88 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:29 am

again great info guys thanks a lot i can wait to give it a try here. We got 192" of snow last year and snowboarding was amazing now add a kite this year :o Mind Blown! haha

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Re: Different kite for snowkiting?

Postby voodoospirit » Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:22 pm

rocktor wrote:
voodoospirit wrote:just use your LEI , just avoid to crash/rip it on ice, trees, barbwires, that s all. should be all fine.

on snow/water:i used PL kites ( 4 lines C-shape water foils), i use flysurfer for snow/water, one kite for everything ( same QR, same kite behaviour)

and did a bunch of self rescue with LEI, PL kites, and LEI , LEI remains my worst and exhausting experience in self rescue.....never again.....neeeveeerrrrrrrrrrr..... (but if u need a floating device in self rescue, it has its use)
What are water foils? Did you mean Peter Lynn closed cell arc type kites?
How on earth self rescuing a massive piece of wet cloth with bridles is easier than LEI? Especially in deep water?
yes, PL and flysurfer ( despites FS have those bridles)

u fold the PL in half (tip to tip), roll up the lines ( 4 lines; ,no bridles) and u have a massive buoy that float OVER the water (like an inflatable mattress) and u can push like when u use the things when u learn swimming , and not half over , half in like the LEIs ( the form they have when u pick/hold before launching)
flysurfer are like the PL ones but u need to be more cautious to pack the lines but can be re inflated and relauched in deep water if wind is coming back slowly( already did with a 7 knots wind, too low for PL and LEI to be relaunched)

LEI have a massive drag when swimming to shore, and hopefully, it has a LE so u can rest because that drag is exhausting but LEI better as a rescue boat ( shore too far, spending the nite in water) as it keeps its pressure unlike foils that lose slowly it and u roll up to keep the pressure.

went back to shore with all the 3 types from 300+m, easiest is the PL ones. LEI allow to rest ( thxfully), FS have those bridles and need attention when folding but can be re-inflated and relaunched in marginal winds ( deluxe version)..
if i had to cross seas/huge water, i d pick a LEI in case, otherwise...too many drawbacks with those kites for my region/use/handling

i m fine with my foils so far, when LEIs will improve in the areas i need, i will probably buy them again :thumb:

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Re: Different kite for snowkiting?

Postby laz » Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:16 pm

I use the same kites for snow and water. Never had a problem. I kite on snow covered fields/frozen lakes never had any problems with my inflatables. If you kite in the mountains or in areas with exposed rock/need to hike out a snow foil may be best. I personally like the way inflatables fly over foil kites.

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Re: Different kite for snowkiting?

Postby gbgreen59 » Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:48 pm

One thing that always frustrates me with my LEIs on snow is the valves get real hard when the temperature is below say 10degF. The pump will pop out of the valve some times and the valve will stretch if the pump is pushed in very hard. I would rather put up a ram air on these days. However if it is snowing, the ram airs get full of snow. Seems like the new FS Peak is worth trying.

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