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What size of Jimmy Lewis Model 3

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What size of Jimmy Lewis Model 3

Postby alden » Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:25 pm

I’m wanting to buy a JL Model 3 but don’t know what size, maybe 133 or 139cm? Advanced rider, 190 lbs [86 kg]. I want the board for specific conditions of well powered 20-35 knots in terrible chop, in fact they are more like up to 1 meter waves, very close together and with white caps. With my flatter TT I have to back off the power or pinch up and slow down. But I want to keep my speed up and carve and slash and launch off those bad boys while giving my knees an easier time. I’m not as concerned about upwind in the lulls because if the wind drops I can use my other TT. I rode a 143cm M3 but I determined that I would not go that large. I hear a lot about 139cm. Is 133cm getting too small for me?

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Re: What size of Jimmy Lewis Model 3

Postby Marty » Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:01 pm

I have the 133 and it is my go to board in the exact conditions you asked about.
I had the 139 many years ago and felt it was to big,
But now I think the larger 139 may have a surfier feel in the swell than the 133.

I ride a 135 Xenon Laluz in smoother water and for lighter winds.
But the 133 JL comes out when the wind and chop pick up.

I have to admit that now I am more on a surfboard in those conditions,
but will never sell the JL 133 for those choppy, high wind TT days

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Re: What size of Jimmy Lewis Model 3

Postby OBX Kiter » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:19 pm

I'm 190 to 200 depending on the time of year and I ride a Mod III 139 in the conditions you described. I tried a 133 and for me it was too small. The 139 fits me like a glove.

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