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Help 2013 North Vegas

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Help 2013 North Vegas

Postby al76an » Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:37 pm

Hey Kite Peoples :) :)
I need some advice,hope there is someone in here that can help.
At the moment my kites are F-One Bandit 4 an 8,10 and 12 meter..
I have used them in winds from 16 knots- 35 knots comfortably for
the last 3 years..I do basic hooked in tricks ,jumps and grabs..I am at
the point now where i want to start kitelooping and try some unhooked stuff..
I am going to be changing my kites out soon to C kites,so this is where the North
Vegas comes in..I got to use one of my friends 10m 2011 Vegas a few weeks ago and i really
liked the way it felt.I was a little under powered but i really enjoyed the way it was in jumps
and it just felt like it wanted to be looped..
I have found a good deal on the 2013 Vegas and i am tempted to buy 3 new kites..Problem is
i wont get the chance to Demo them..
I would like to hear some of your opinions about them especially from heavyweights like myself
weighing in at around 100 kilos (before breakfast :D ).. Size wise i was thinking 8,11 and 14 meter,
does this seem like a good quiver for my weight in wind between 16-35knots ??
Has anyone had any problems with the the bar?? I have had a lot of problems with my F-One bars so i hope the North bar is up to scratch..
Any input will be much appreciated,

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