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RRD Passion 2014 review

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RRD Passion 2014 review

Postby happykite » Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:14 pm

Our school in Dahab works with RRD equipment and here we want to say about RRD Passion 2014 year make.

First of all, the kites are extremely beautiful, the design and the colors are mind blowing. Such a kite will catch attention from far away. Well done to RRD designers, they pleasantly surprised us.

Now let's convey the functional specifics of the kite:
The bar lines are designed to prevent incorrect bridle connection. New One Pump system has an original and very handy single valve of big diameter, not many kites can compete with this swift pump and deflate system. The kite material is enhanced with double rip-stop parts on the trailing edge and on the wingtips, which makes the kite very hardwearing.

And now let's talk about what you can expect from riding on RRD Passion 2014:
The re-launch from the water is stable, which increases the safety. The kite is universal, it is same good for teaching, as well as for freeride and jumps. The actual riding on RRD Passion is very easy, does not matter if you are cutting upwind or jumping with stiring of the kite to 12, the pull of the stable and well predictable canopy remains constant even if the wind is changing. The kite perfectly flies in the wind gusts. We were also please with high end wind range. The kite suits for both Old School and New School sessions. Passion demonstrates perfect extended hang-time. It is also very responsive to commands and stays not very fast but also not slow. While performing the elements of New School (un-hooked) Passion does not fall into the Power Zone when the bar is completely pulled. The kite is excellent for kiteloops and un-hooked riding.

As a conclusion, our team of instructors at Happy Kite is very pleased with new features of the new year model of RRD Passion, we recommend anyone to try. Everybody is welcome at our school for a test-ride. If any questions, please write to us at, we'll be happy to assist!

Here are some photos ... 071&type=1

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