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Flexifoil Stormchaser experience/ alternatives?

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:31 pm
by 1968

today was one of these winter days, perfect wind for a seven until the clouds move in and you cant get off the water fast enough. Thats why Im looking for a smaller Kite that has enough Lowend to overlap with my seven but with plenty Highend and gust handling. Found the Stormchaser but not much about Lowend and rider reviews. Would also not mind offers if anybody has a good one for sale?
Or whats your suggestions for alternatives?

:?: Me: 70kg, 132 Twintip, looking for 25kn (or lower) +...


Re: Flexifoil Stormchaser experience/ alternatives?

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:44 pm
by skyte
this is a biased response but I would really recommend trying a stormchaser. It was probably the best small kite that Flexi designed which is why it got immortalised as it's own model.

It works very well at its low end... I've ridden mine on a 5ft 2" noseless surfboard when others were out on anything from 7m to 11m kites. If you have good kite skills and enjoy throwing a kite around then you can have fun from 20 knots upwards I'd estimate (I'm 75Kg) It should overlap nicely with a 7m letting you choose either in 7m weather and the 5.5m if its a bit wild.

Solid Flexi construction make it rock solid in strong, gusty storm conditions.

You can probably pick one up cheap now too and it will fly on any 4 line bar with equal front and rear line lengths when set to full power on the trim strap.

Definitely worth a try in my opinion...