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Scheduling Around Tides

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Re: Scheduling Around Tides

Postby SSK » Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:51 pm

I developed a solution for this in visual studio ( It is a pretty nice tool for what the original poster wanted, unfortunately unable to contact him. It may be useful for a pretty small niche audience of people who need to view tide data and plan (calculate) calendar events around the tides. But if you live in an area that only works during certain tide windows, it would be a nice planning tool. So if you are interested in trying the app or getting the source code, PM me. I do not program for a living, just a hack. So no implied warranties, and use at your own risk.

The way it works is:
You import tide tables from NOAA for as many sites as you want. It is very easy and fast.
The tide data is stored in a database.
Then it has a lot of features for filtering, sorting, and viewing the tide information.
The main gist is that it has a full appointment calendar to view the tides, but more importantly create an event (appointment) around the tides.
Here is what the main calendar looks like. You can pick a location and display the tides (or hide the tides). There are the standard views day, week, month.


So when you create an event, you can free hand it or have it calculate the times for you based on time rules around a selected tide. So if you want to schedule a kite lesson 1 hour before and 1 hour after low tide it will calculate those times for you and create the event. It also displays the height at that time. So if your break works well with less than 2 ft of water you can adjust your times until the height shows less than 2ft. There is also a tide graph that helps with this.


The calendar works fine as a stand alone application. However, if you needed to share this information I put in a feature to export to a Google calendar. The OP asked about SuperSaas, and I could not find enough documentation. In the future, I will look at exporting to other calendars such as outlook or other web calendars. There are a lot of advance tide predictions applications such as JTIDES, that is not what this does. This uses published data to assist in planning. I could not find open source to bring that all that functionality in, but will look at that. Then you would not have to download the tide tables. This is not something easy to replicate because they use a large database of harmonic data and Fourier analysis to make the predictions.

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