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Whats your stupid story?

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby ShaveTheWhales » Mon May 05, 2014 11:40 am

I ask a jumping guy how do you jump - 'just go fast & send it back'
After my 10th or so massive back buster falling straight downwards, i thought fark, these guys are very skullful, im never gonna get this...
Got a progression dvd and it said ... Re-send it Forward.
Mofos thanks for nothing :)

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby styleito » Mon May 05, 2014 12:06 pm

Laughingman wrote: I ended up coming in at kitty hawk.

Where did you launch from?

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby Westozzy » Mon May 05, 2014 12:14 pm

SLiiCK wrote:The problem is westozzy did you enjoy wearing the bikini bottoms :o LoL

Haha no water kept running out front of the high cut crotch, felt Fkn weird to be honest.

But hey ended up doing getting 7hrs of water time that day, oh the days when my body didn't require ice packs at the end of each session!! :(

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby Laughingman » Mon May 05, 2014 2:28 pm

styleito wrote:
Laughingman wrote: I ended up coming in at kitty hawk.

Where did you launch from?
North end of Rodanthe

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby SSK » Mon May 05, 2014 3:49 pm

A lot of these are scary, dangerous, painful stories, I, on the other hand, have a whole list of embarassing dumb stories (fortunately have not lost my shorts yet). Here's a few.

Runaway Kite:
A nice fall day, winds in mid 20s, side to side on winds, shallow water in North Carolina sound. No one was around and I could have easily tethered launched which I had done hundreds of times from that spot. I figured what the heck, why not practice drift launching in case I have to do it. So I go nice and slow taking my time. Drift the kite and when it launches all four lines are in a rats nest about half way up the lines. So I quickly bring the kite down to the water hoping to free it. Thinking I got it freed I relaunched it and the lines are still knotted and the kite starts looping. I get it back down in the water leading edge down. I am in thigh deep water and it is slowly pulling me down the beach. No panic, but just walking down the beach and trying to figure out the next smart move. I was on a 2 line IDS system, so I had my doubts about pulling the CR (since all 4 lines were pinched together), but might as well see what happens. As I expected nothing good, still powered up but now just be pulled slowly down the beach by one line. So I figure since it is blowing side on I would fully release, the kite would blow in, and I would run around and grab it. Piece of cake. So I do that, but the bar and lines sink down catching the eel grass and sand with enough friction to tension up the lines. As I am running around front, the tension is enough to roll the kite on its side and it starts pointing up wind. Although the wind is side-on the kite is moving offshore on its own. WTF? BTW I had just bought this kite. So I am in a 4-3 wetsuit, and running in a full panic as the water goes from knee, to thigh, to waist. Just like in the cartoons I would get about 15 ft from the kite and then it would jump ahead 5 more feet. My legs were on fire and slowly the distance was increasing. I see my friends on the beach shaking their heads trying to figure out what I was doing while I am splashing and chasing my kite and I am convinced it is on a 23 mile journey across the sound. In an heroic effort one friend grabs a nearby kayak, paddles out and saves the day. The next day my legs felt like I ran a marathon.

Soaped Up:
Warm sunny day and winds forecast to come up to upper 20s by afternoon. I had a small leak in the leading edge bladder so I figured best take care of it early. So I soap it up looking for a bubble, but cannot find it. So I get a little irritated and if a little soap is good then more is better. Finally, find the leak. It is hot and windy so all the soap drys up before we put in the new bladder. My friend reminds me to rinse off the leading edge, but I figure why. I go for a couple of runs, and come in for a while. Until it really starts cranking. Getting ready to go out I ask another friend to launch me. As I walk into the water and start untwisting my lines, I see him pick up the kite to get ready, and it slips out of his hand into the power zone. In horror I watch it loop and then shoot straight up to 12, but by some miracle my hands were not on the bar and I am not launched into the bushes. So I am pissed and start yelling at him, asking what he was doing and if he was trying to kill me. He was apologetic saying it just slipped out of his hands, he could not understand it. Then I remembered the massive amount of dried on soap that now was probably nice and slick with a little moitsure on it. So feeling pretty bad realizing what I had did (and not going to admit anything), I said not to worry about it that I had seen a lot of scum in the water and that must be the cause.

Nature Walk:
We were going on a long soundside downwinder and the launch was very crowded. So rigged as quickly as possible to get out of the area. The downwinder is about 4 miles of marsh before there is a pull out option. Halfway through, I go into a canal like slick in the marsh. My kite starts to flutter and it looks like it is losing air. It is a brand new kite so I am pissed that there is a leak. Anyways I land the kite in a very undersirable location and when I get it in I see that I had cross threaded the valve. So now I have to walk out of the knee deep marsh mud and then walk two miles (of course it was exactly half way). Every person who went buy would ask what happened and if I needed help. Of course I had to "honestly" tell them that must have gotten a thorn in the bladder at the launch site.

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby balugh » Mon May 05, 2014 4:02 pm

Shortly after starting to get competent kiting I asked someone who I thought was a kiter for an assisted launch. The lass picked it up and threw the kite in the air like in the 'kite launcher' vids.... One line was wrapped around the wing tip and when she threw it the kite immediately went into a death loop dragging me over rocks towards a groynes. Fortunately I was able to punch out onto the safety pretty quick though it continued to loop a couple more times for good measure...and two other kiters (girls again) jumped on me and my kite respectively. As I managed to stay in a sitting position while being dragged over the rocks the only Injury I got was a massive charley horse bruise covering one whole buttock. Couldn't sit down for two weeks.

A few lessons on this one...

I was pushing my skills and experience at the time and should have ensured I was launching the kite in a safer place with a competent assistant. The 'pilot' is in charge hindsight....there were a few easy ways to tell that she did not know what to do.

So...girls can get you into trouble real quick....

And girls can help you get out of trouble just as quickly... :-)

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby H53Driver » Mon May 05, 2014 5:39 pm

Out with my new (at that time) FS Speed 3 (19) and the wind picked up to ~17kts, way overpowered so I head in to switch out kites. A non-kiter offered to help me land the kite but I stupidly turned down the offer and elected to release the kite to FLS (with kite at zenith)......bad idea!! Fortunately I did this on a very large sandy beach with bags of room down wind. I don't know how many times that kite spun but it was a bunch and it dragged me until all the bridles were so tangled that it took over two hours to sort the mess out.

What did I learn? Sometimes the help of a non-kiter is a good option.

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby William Munney » Mon May 05, 2014 5:52 pm

Westozzy wrote:Back in 2002 on a very isolated beach, in a very remote part of the pilbara WA (in board shorts only, no shirt or rashy... without jocks of course) got skull dragged on an old C kite (little depower) that ripped my shorts competely off. Lots of breeding male turtles seem to be looking at me very suspiciously with just a harness on! Didn't see a soul for three days kiting there, until the very moment i came to shore, standing there with all the tackle for show and sure enough three ladies came over the nearest dune!

Didn't have a spare pair so had to wear my ladies bikini bottoms which antomically created a weird sensation...

not stupid but a funny story nevertheless. :)
It took me a few seconds to realize you meant your lady's bikini bottoms.....

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby jats2k9 » Mon May 05, 2014 6:36 pm

Well, I learned on my own. Enough said, but I have loved this sport so much since the very begining that I wouldn't give up on it. One day while trying to get on the board, a wave caught me from behind, and I lost the position of the kite while underwater. Next thing I knew, I was flying superman style and landed on the sand. I thought that I had broken both knees. Scared the heck out of me but not enough to keep me out. Later on, I figured out that the kite had looped while I struggled under the wave.

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Re: Whats your stupid story?

Postby Bille » Mon May 05, 2014 6:59 pm

The day i got my legs cut off because of that crash on the HG in 2007 ; i could-a/should-a
bin out kite boarding instead. I actually woke-up and decided to head to the lake, so started
to load-up the Van with my kite gear, but opted to go Flying a HG that day instead.
OOPS . :o
I Was born on Halloween,( few minutes past mid-night) , and Know better than to go against
my first intuition ; but did it anyway !


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