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speed 4 18m in 9 kt

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speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby eytan » Sat May 24, 2014 12:49 pm

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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby uncool » Sat May 24, 2014 2:12 pm

Cool video and light wind riding. I wish you would give more respect and distance to the kids swimming. You clearly have the skill, but not everyone does and it sends the wrong message.

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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby 14ToeSide » Sat May 24, 2014 7:01 pm

Agreed. This is what gets parents upset and then here comes the Bans!!!

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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby TheRussian » Sat May 24, 2014 7:12 pm

Nice drone footage….. pity about the inconsiderate riding. Far too close to swimmers & an example of why kiting gets banned.

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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby samsam » Sun May 25, 2014 11:15 am

Nice light wind riding.
I also see some surfers and some paddlers out there.
Is this a designated Sea Sports beach of some kind? If so then the swimmers are in fault.
Just a different view of things.


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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby airsurfer » Sun May 25, 2014 2:43 pm

Nice video. I'm more surprised that the drone was allowed given the location. If people were not happy he would likely hear all about very quickly. In some places people are not so sensitive and very direct with their opinions and take care of their own rules without feeling the need to involve government. Not saying that's the case here just guessing based on the location.

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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby s1buell_wl » Sun May 25, 2014 3:12 pm

Either way there was a family and little child trying to swim. Not good.

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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby SupaEZ » Sun May 25, 2014 3:32 pm

Not cool to spray that person that is in the water at the beginning of video

Did that by accident years ago when i rode a TT sprayed a surfer right in the face cutting too close
When i got to my car after session he had busted one of my Honda's glass headlight with rock

I have also a "Phantom 2" video to share filmed at 5th street in early May ( yes i have posted before )
Wind NE side-on 6-9kn ...air temp / water temp 75F.. Nugget 2013..kite borrowed XR2 19 Core
When the wind lulled to 6-7kn it was safer to come in....but the 8-9kn puffs powered me quite well
I was not aware at all that the drone was filming...they are very quiet...and difficult to see in the sky

:cheers: :pump: ( i used to ride only large size foils and had lot's of fun in LW with them ) :surf:
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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby av_dumitrascu » Sun May 25, 2014 3:47 pm

Our public beaches are not THAT heavily regulated. Basically any sea-shore 100 meters from the water is public land. Some areas are private managed, some not. Anyway, on crowded beaches we lounch and land in small areas, with a buoys-marked couloir. BUT: swimmers always get into our access zone, by curiousity....heck, some even put their towels right between our set-uped kites, over our lines...
Anyway, they are more excited by our kites than aware of the danger and God be praised no real accidents happend up to date!
Both water and beaches are public, so why the f*** should I be banned from enjoying kiteboarding/kitesurfing, and simply support the consequences if I hurt someone or I damage anything?
Da fuq?

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Re: speed 4 18m in 9 kt

Postby 14ToeSide » Sun May 25, 2014 4:02 pm

The point is it doesn't matter whats Public. We the kiters are the one that will pay the price when a place gets banned. Not the PUBLIC... The stupidest thing I have heard is about a place a little north of me got banned because they said the Birds were scared by the kites... Really??? Come on.....

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