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Help to select between 2012 slingshot RPM 14m & OR Flite 15m

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Help to select between 2012 slingshot RPM 14m & OR Flite 15m

Postby chaney » Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:47 am

As a beginner (took lessons a month ago), I have 2013 liquid force envy 12m and my weight is 158lb. My kiting area is Belmont shore, Long beach, CA. The wind range here is between 10mph and 23mph. But these days, the wind range became narrow between 10mph and 16~17mph. So I have spent more time on the beach just to wait for proper wind over 16mph.

My instructor told me that 2013 LF envy 12m is a little heavier than other major brand kites.
And he also recommended me that I might need to have one more bigger kite with light board to enjoy kitesurfing more times. So I found that a local kitesurfer is trying to sell used 2013 SlingShot RPM 14m and 2012 Ocean Rodeo Flite 15m.

I'd really appreciate it if any of you, who has an experience of riding any of these kites, gives me some advices or information about these kites.

For the beginner,

1. Are they reliable and good quality?

2. Regarding kite size, does 2012 slingshot RPM 14m or Ocean Rodeo Flite 15m overlap with my LF envy 12m?

3. Regarding relaunching issue, are they good at relaunching for beginner?

4. Regarding control bar, are they OK to be controlled by beginner?

5. Finally, which one is your selection, if you were in my situation?

6. What size of light wind board do I need to kitesurf in 13mph~16mph wind range for my weight (Wind condition is generally steady and ocean is little wave sometimes)

I really appreciate your advice and help.

pj sofine
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Re: Help to select between 2012 slingshot RPM 14m & OR Flite

Postby pj sofine » Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:46 pm

At 158 lbs I think I would consider a bigger board before kite,Maybe a sector 52.I ride rpm's and I wouldn't exactly put the 14 in the category of a light wind kite a for beginner.Do't know about the flite,sure others will chime in.

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Re: Help to select between 2012 slingshot RPM 14m & OR Flite

Postby s1buell_wl » Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:48 pm

SS 14m RPM
-Great low wind freestyle kite 12-14kns
- SS quality is top notch
- This kite will not get you going in 10-11kns
- Maybe with the right board (but no much power to play with, need lots of light wind skill)

These are two very different kites.

As a beginner that is looking for a light wind kite. I would say get a 17-18-19m kite

For an example my kite bitch has the exact same kite as you and you and him are within 5k (almost the same). When its 11-12kns he grabs my 15m Edge and connects it to his LF bar and off he goes.

9-11m He begs me to ride the 19m Edge (he has the LF 134 board, I forget the name). With the edge we swap the front pigtails to the rear and it connects right up to the LF bar. He has spent many hours ripping the bay with them. He is also quite new at kitting.

The OR is a nice kite I'm sure, all OR stuff seems to be built well (I use the OR2 harness, bullet proof). I have no experience with the kites. I have been around them but not on one.

My recommendation is go 17m at least for a light wind kite. This way in 10kns you will have some power. A 15m in 10kns you also need to buy a good light wind board. You will might be scared of the 17m kite at first. But after you bond with it you will be thinking "why the fook did i not do this before". It will also save you some money (buy a 15m only to find out you need more kite).

I have the 19m and in 10kns I can still use my 128X38 if I wish. Any lower and I need to bust out the Mako.

I'm not kidding in 10-11kns everyone is on my 19m...... At first they laughed now they want to buy one.

Hope this helps a little


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Re: Help to select between 2012 slingshot RPM 14m & OR Flite

Postby matthepp » Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:24 pm

I fly an OR 15m 2012 Flite, then go down to a 12m 2012 Trigger, which is similar to an Envy. I absolutely love the Flite on snow. It turns quickly and provides a lot more hangtime on days when a 12m wouldn't cut it. I like "only" 15m of fabric in the sky for safety reasons. I used to fly a Flysurfer 19 but those things suck in funky winds. In junky mountain wind on water, I get pulled too far downwind on the Flite. I agree with the other posts that perhaps you consider a LW board first. I ride a 6' fish surfboard and count on it to get me through lulls when my 200 lbs would sink my wide TT. Work on learning to keep that Envy in the sky during the light air. LW kiting takes a lot of finesse and a few extra skills versus powered kiting, even with big kites.

If you have smooth, steady light winds I also agree that you should go for a 17m kite for light wind on water. The 15m Flite has a bit of overlap with the 12m, so I assume the 14m RPM would also. I guess Belmont has a pretty good walk of shame option so the 15 could get you on the water sooner even if you have to walk back. I think the safety issue has more to do with making sure your bar is set up to correctly depower (either via mini-fifth with rollover bridle or single front line flag below the bar.)
Good luck!

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