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3D Printed Kites. The future Arrived;)

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Re: 3D Printed Kites. The future Arrived;)

Postby TPink » Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:58 pm

3d molded sails are at the top of the high tech food chain for racing sailors. They can cost twice as much as seem/sewn sails. They're advantage is the ability to use very light sub strait materials (typically mylar). and add threads of carbon only along the calculated high load paths. The end result is an ultra light and strong sail with a shape that is exact to the CAD drawings.

It should also be said that the spinnakers for those same grand prix racing boats are made from traditional nylon rip stop type material and are taped and sewn at the seems...

I frankly don't see a transition to the kiting world.

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Re: 3D Printed Kites. The future Arrived;)

Postby MACTNKA » Sun Aug 10, 2014 8:59 pm

Probably the reason why the 3D printed sails are so expensive is that they are very custom(one or a few sails per mold), and not as important because the weight difference is very minimal and not essential on a boat. Therefore, there isn't enough demand! In kiting that perfect shape, the smooth sail and the lighter weight will be very significant! And the same mold could be used for many years to come, over and over again, as the need comes, bringing the price down per sail.

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Re: 3D Printed Kites. The future Arrived;)

Postby Toby » Sun Aug 10, 2014 9:31 pm

Will be cool for Boards and accessories...fins!

And microhooks

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Re: 3D Printed Kites. The future Arrived;)

Postby wdric » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:51 pm

3D moulded sails are much different than something that is 3D printed

"3D moulds" have been around since the industrial revolution, probly longer, car panels, fibre glass parts etc so this is not a new revolution!

I got a 3d printer, they are very slow.
To make something the size of your fist takes hours to print
To 3D print a hollow structure requires a support structure so it dont cave in.
A long way off for the time being, not in my kiting life time.

The main canopy is relatively easy to make with large sheets of sail clothe.
This sail clothe is already cheap and easy to make in a very refined process.
the bit that slows them down would be all the small fiddly stuff like the struts, and leading edge, valves and bladders made of different materials and adding reinforcing material.

And then when you break the cost down the bar and lines are a large part of the cost.
And how much of the cost is for R&D
And how much is for profit
All these cost will still be there no mater how much they cost or how they are made :wink:

Cant see any compelling augments in the foreseeable future to change what works.

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