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2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

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2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby Peert » Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:34 am

French news / kitesurfing fora report 2 fatalities on the same day. May they rest in peace. Condolances to their loved onces.

The first case was an experienced kitesurfer that was launching his kite in gusty conditions relatively near a stone wall. He lost control due to a gust and was smashed into the wall. ... f-un-mort/ ... 71892.html

The second case was a kitesurfer who accidentally got his kite in the mast of a catamaran. I understand that the skipper turned his boat tangling the kiters lines under his boat trapping the kiter below the surface. ... -en-1-jour

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Re: 2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby Toby » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:45 pm

This is sad news for the end of the year.
This year seamed to have less fatalities.

For sure we can learn from these accidents.
Distance is your friend, as prayed over and over again.
Please remember his always. Something is close by, you are likely to hit it.

My condolences...RIP.

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Re: 2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby RickI » Fri Dec 26, 2014 4:51 pm

What horrible news, my sincere regrets go out to the families and friends of the two men. I hope they can find comfort with loved ones and friends at his harsh time.

As Toby said, "Distance is your friend." From what has been related so far, it looks like both men might have been spared these awful accidents if they had been able to have a larger buffer. Bad things will happen part of the time but not always which can make us complacent. I have to fight it myself at times and most of us are careless on occasion. It is best to stay on your guard particularly in keeping a safe distance from hard objects, more so in gusty winds and around moving objects. It is less clear what happened in the sailboat accident, as it was said the kiter was unable to avoid the collision? Lots of folks are on kiting vacations now, think about things and take care.

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Re: 2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby FredBGG » Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:28 pm

Sad news.
I read the articles and forum posting from a guy that saw the first accident, that he said was avoidable.

The first victim was married and had two kids. He was a surgeon.
While he was described as an experienced kiter he made a very bad choice.
The tide was going out and he should have waited till he had more space from the walls
and be further away from the cliffs that cause turbulence.

The guy that saw the accident said he just should have waited a little more,
however he impatiently launched in a dangerous position.
Turbulence can be very dangerous. Your kite can collapse and re power up deep in the wind window.
This is what happened. What is worse is that when a kite collapses in turbulence the lines lose tension and it can be hard to activate the safety release without tension.
He was also too close to obstacles. He was lifted once and hit a be arm, he was lifted again and hit a stone wall.
He could not be revived.
He was supposed to meet with his wife and kids who were waiting for him in the mountains.

Distance and patience are both your friends. Launch in the right place and at the right time.

What is really sad about this accident is that the victim was a surgeon who should know better.
No disrespect, but we must all not let the stoke kill us!

The second accident is a very good example of how distance on the water is so important.
His kite got caught on the mast of a catamaran. The Cat flipped instantly, most likely due to the kite becoming an anchore either in the water or powering up in the worst way in the wind.
The kiter became trapped underwater and drowned.

Keeping distance is so important, yet so many kiters like to show their expertise by buzzing other people, obstacles and boats. I think we can thank kitesurfing promo videos for that too.

Both accidents were avoidable. Distance and patience. The consequences of not keeping these two factors in mind are horrific. It also a responsibility to others and our family.

It is customary to say rest in peace out of respect and may they rest in peace.
However unfortunatly that is not what happens in the real world.
As a result of these two accidents two families are destroyed.
No woman should have to bring up her children by her self because of an avoidable recreational

Because it is fun it should not be at the price of our loved ones peace of mind and quality of life.

Maybe we should all have photos of of our loved ones on our pumps.
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Re: 2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby Bille » Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:23 pm

Very SAD indeed !! :(

I ain't gonna say squat , about these accidents possibly being avoidable ; i
lost both legs while hang gliding , and that was Definitely avoidable.
Humans sometimes make Bad choices !!
I know i have .

Best we can do, is try and stay as absolutely Aware as we can ; try & never
let your guard down , when it counts.


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Re: 2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby plummet » Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:47 am

Terrible tragedies.

I also think though, that for many people it is impossible to abide by all the kitesurfing rules. If they did they simply would never kite.

Today I launched on a crowded beach. People within 25 of my lines. I body dragged out past more people in the water. Then a jet ski roared in down wind of me within 25m. Then I had to dodge the windsurfers on the way out. Then I was 2km or so from shore by myself.

I'm not bragging. This is just a standard list of hazards on your average beach.

My point is we all subject ourselves to similar hazards on a regular basis. It's easy to sit behind our computers and spout distance is your friend statements. But unless you live in a magical place without these hazards do you practice what you preach ?

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Re: 2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby Toby » Sat Dec 27, 2014 1:19 pm

I had my experiences and for sure I am far away from everything as I can be.
Hand on release. And that is a guy with 14.5 years of experienced always powered up.
How come beginners and non pros have their board in their hands and launch in front of obstacles?

Go to a kitebeach and sit and watch. Then you will see how many people get lucky.
At one point they won't, but odd is calling for it.

It is simple to be much safer, you just need to want it.

We can only talk/write so much, YOU have to do.

Pls be safe everyone!

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Re: 2 kitesurf fatalities in France (23-12-2014).

Postby SupaEZ » Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:43 am

From what i can translate from French the wind was WNW 18-24 knots direction side -on

He launched his 10m2 wearing a helmet then a shift happened and his kite dropped to the ground
Then the kite relaunched itself suddenly deep in the wind window and yanked Serge away
He bounced once on some pebbles then onto a small wall

On that wind direction the wind was turbulent close to the cliffs
His buffer zone of 10 meters was too small and not enough time to react

So all happened so fast

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