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Flysurfer boost compared to ozone edge?

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Re: Flysurfer boost compared to ozone edge?

Postby downunder » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:56 am

Quite old thread....

Let's be fair, the Boost pig tails are extremely fiddly, I hate it. I've got at least three race lines and the ends are always thicker for durability and handling.

Boost pigtails now are almost worn out. Which also opens the question of stretching of bridles on Boost: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2398296

However, we don't know the Edge bridles measurement so can't say anything about that. Pigtails on Edge are still immaculate after much more abuse.

Because the Edge has thicker LE I see this as a benefit for durability, coz of lower LE pressure. Boost will take more pressure, thinner LE, slam this into the water and durability goes in drain. Not that I slam both kites anyway :)

The Boost1 loops better, but also flutters more in 9m size. Which is super annoying.

The Boost will send you better in 9m size, it will also glide better which sometimes is quite unexpected. Talking 25-40m plus. The Edge does not do that. Both kites hunt on window edge, no real difference here, but thinner LE goes a bit better upwind. Both are very precise kites, exactly the same bar pressure in same sizes, tip end settings.

The Edge reverse relaunch is inferior. In bigger sizes would be even worse. Boost does that pretty well.

Boost1 tho has supper annoying problem with deflation, which is, the strut valve is to close to LE hence the rubber tube is bent every time I pack the kite and the air does not go out. None of this with Edges. Plus, the Edge inflate valve is immaculate, FS is not. Superficial small things I know. But, the Boost price IS high, so I do not expect small issues like ie almost impossible to access LE valve when the kite is reversed on a grass to top up the air. Grrrrrr....

The Boosts are quite rare kites in AU, which is a shame. But, the prices in EU I would never pay, which is almost a niche market...

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Re: Flysurfer boost compared to ozone edge?

Postby Skywalker7 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:00 am

I read somewhere here on the kiteforum I guess, that Flysurfer does not use thicker pigtails intentionaly as thicker pigtails has higher tendency to jam. This is especially important in the case of soft kites where you have more complex bridleing and mixers where a thicker pigtail could cause more problem. You can use pigtails I guess for a tube kite if you want.
Flutter: I think this is a feature of most delta kites, and by fluttering the kite slows down a bit, and able to make a very tight turn or loop and pulling way less in the loop than an Open C kite which is designed to rush through the loop without flatter and so will generate a ton of power in the loop. I tried those kites the RPM and the Stoke, and I am simply not that advanced kiter to like the ton of power they generate in the loop.
Leading edge: Thicker leading edge does not mean less pressure on the seams. The pressure is : pound per square inch per PSI definition and the bigger the area of the pressure the higher force will be on the seams. This is explained by the way in one of the 2008 Ozone Edge catalog. So for sure the thiner leading edge has to get more pressure to give the rigidity but that does not mean necessarily it will be higher pressure on the LE seams. By the way Ozone Edge has a long thread about LE seams problems.
Other than that you are correct :)

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Re: Flysurfer boost compared to ozone edge?

Postby downunder » Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:16 pm

First sesh with Boost2 today :) 11m tho

Impressed. It was 25kn so a bit over powered with my 60kg. Very well depower response, riding my own bar with the clam cleat, 20cm + depower does work noticeably.

Boost2 is definitely more refined than Boost1, since own a v1 already.

Still, a few things remain, like, a sleeved bridles. Can we expect this in v3? Please, this is 2018, move forward not backwards.

Also, the main valve. The adapter is provided, but it is really hard to put it back in provided pocket on the strut. For sure, its easy to pump with awesome valve, however, not having the adapter - no easy inflation.

We really do not need more adapters and less standard ones. FS, please print on the kite how to use the valve, one press does this, second press does that.

The kite behaves nicely. On par with the Edge.

No flutter as Boost1 in same wind. Also, no jellyfishing or folding the tips on the window edge. Looped only a few times, not my kite, hence taking extra care. The jumps were lofty, Edge feeling and handling.

Actually, today, I did the "elevator" jump, meaning - up, hover, down, hover, up more, hover, super slow down. About 6m jump.

Which happened only on Edge 11m v7 once before and was cool as :) People did approach and asked how to do this. I blamed the kite :) Ive never seen this in person myself. Ever.

Next sesh tmrw...

Almost the same size as edge in 11m:
Almost the same struts position as E.v7.
However, less curvature in the LE, less segments, meaning less sewing (less time spent in the making?). Again, priced quite high so would expect more.
Quality work here. Look how badly the Edge is sewn, sewing over existing thread. FS is using lighter thread tho.
Notice the different style of sewing the LE. Boost is 'classic' style with LE seam reinforcing.
The LW attachment rings for bridles. Not sure about that in 11m size.

Sesh from 4pm to 5ish (3.24 KiB) Viewed 164 times

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