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Surf board grip tape

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Surf board grip tape

Postby dragnfly » Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:08 am

I'm thinking of putting some grip tape on my surfboard (for grabs, not feet).
Any tips on what sort of tape to use and how to attach it firmly?
I don't want to stick it on and then find it all comes off/ looses grip when wet, and ideally be removable if I ever sell the board/ put on new tape.

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Re: Surf board grip tape

Postby FredBGG » Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:57 am

Just use a surfboard wax base coat and put some softer wax on your hands.

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Re: Surf board grip tape

Postby Janus » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:17 am

I have grip tape on my boards for years.. it is normally used for stairs. works perfectly.
It is about 2cm wide, just clean the surface with a little alcohol, stick it on. :-)

So I hope a usefull contribution after years of silence.. :-)

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Re: Surf board grip tape

Postby Macisback » Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:37 am

Just use Soft Grip Tape for Boat decks!
Works 100%!

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Re: Surf board grip tape

Postby zob » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:19 pm

FSs grabrail set!?

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Re: Surf board grip tape

Postby Bushflyr » Tue Aug 23, 2016 5:30 pm

Just don't use anything too aggressive. Preferably soft type grip over sand type. Back in the day we used to sugar deck or boards for grip and I still have scars from crashing and leaving skin on my board.

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Re: Surf board grip tape

Postby grigorib » Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:24 pm

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