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North Evo vs. Dice

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North Evo vs. Dice

Postby kitegirls » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:47 am

If you could pick one for all sizes in your quiver for hooked-in freestyle/freeride 10 months per year and 2-3 months per year surf which would it be and why?

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Re: North Evo vs. Dice

Postby Dan-at-Duotone » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:07 pm

Ideally you should try to get demos. I think you're on Maui and the local shop should have both models available for demo. If you're somewhere else in North America feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can set you up with a demo. However, to give you an idea of the differences I've noticed from personal use and feedback at demos:

The simple answer is that they'll both work. Which I would recommend depends on what you mean by 'freestyle' and 'surf'.

The Evo is better for hooked-in, sent-kite moves like spins, board-offs, big-air, etc. The Dice will work for those types of moves as well, but it will give you less drift and less forgiveness if you're a little off on your timing with redirecting the kite. I would favor the Dice for pop-based freestyle/wakestyle, which is generally unhooked. For kiteloop-based freestyle (hooked or unhooked) they both work, the Evo is much quicker around and is much less punishing when you screw it up while the Dice will be a more consistent, more powerful pull.

For waves, if you like parking your kite and riding down-the-line where you're using mostly the power of the wave as the kite drifts downwind with you (hooked or unhooked), the Dice is the way to go. It is lighter so it drifts a little better and when hanging low in one position it holds that position really well. The Evo has better range (more power and more depower) and is a little quicker, so if you like to move the kite as you ride a wave, often matching your movement up and down the wave with sweeping the kite back and forth, it will work better as it likes to move and is more easily shut off even if you've got the kite in the middle of the window. You need pretty good conditions to get the most out of the Dice while the Evo will probably be easier to use for crappier conditions and/or for less experienced wave riders.

Hope this helps and if you've got more specific questions you're always welcome to PM me.


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Re: North Evo vs. Dice

Postby K-I » Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:18 pm


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