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Escape From Glass Window Bridge - A Kiting Sea Story

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Re: Escape From Glass Window Bridge - A Kiting Sea Story

Postby RickI » Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:04 am

He was an unfortunate young man from the US visiting the island and taking too close a look at the Rage which blew through there in recent weeks. Waves were exploding all over the place and he was caught in one such massive run up. It was a particularly violent one from the major northeaster we had impacting much of the east coast, Caribbean, you name it. I had information in the write up about past Rages. Now there is all this new information to be added into it to update. There was a video of an older tourist being grabbed from the rocks to windward and being blasted across the road through the guard rail and into the water of the flats. This is likely similar to what happened to the young man. The older guy lived but was badly sliced up. There is a lot of new video and some stories in addition to this tragic fatality. The island was cut in half by the wave run up for a time just south of Glass Window Bridge during this violent event. These Rages although not common are part of the fascination for this unusual area in the Bahamas.

This video was shot looking eastward towards Glass Window Bridge from the far calmer flats side. You can see the spray run up, in some cases over 100 ft. perhaps 150 ft. above the static water level on the other or Atlantic side. The young man got caught in one of these near the bridge. Such run up have thrown cars, even a concrete mixing truck into the water of the flats. ... 027754408/

mbs wrote:
Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:44 pm
I came across this story of recent drowning in Bahamas. The drowning had nothing to do w kiting but i remembered reading Ricks description of this place - is the same spot where rick had his near death experience. ... tes=mobile

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