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got illustration of "right of way"/rotation in a slick/jump spot?

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got illustration of "right of way"/rotation in a slick/jump spot?

Postby jeromeL » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:41 pm

Anyone has a sketch/illustration of how to line up and rotate in a slick spot?

Basically we have a spot with a small nook which has some desirable water to do trick in. We come in from the right do our trick tight to shore land downwind, transition a bit downwind then tack back upwind out of the way to get back in line up to head back into rotation...
In this particular spot you can go in only from one side really, so if someone really wants to hit it the other way he will probably feel like he is being cut off and no one is giving him ways...

Right of way doesn't really apply, of course you should stay safe and don't force the trick if someone is downwind and such.

Anyway looking for an illustration to share it with locals, lately some spot got a bit more crowded and I think some people feel like they can't tack upwind to the jump spot and feel cut off when they just need to tack upwind around the landing area and squeeze in the rotation...

I don't really care for rules and such kitesurfing is pretty free ride, it's pretty easy to find other spots but that's kind of common sense after doing many tricks in a single "take off" spot with a few riders.
It's not a huge deal to me but don't want people to get frustrated over something so easy to fix with simple common sense rule.

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