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Kite sizes beginner's question

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Re: Kite sizes beginner's question

Postby edt » Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:16 pm

go for it. a quiver with a 10 and 14 is fine, or 10 and 13 or 10 and 15, it's all good. I tend to run a two kite quiver, a 15 on my twintip from 15 knots up to 25 knots then I switch over to my 10 from 25 knots up to 40 knots. Below 15 knots I go back to the 10 and get out the hydrofoil. Nothing wrong with a 3 to 5 meter gap on a twintip. If you are riding a surfboard though it sucks as when you get too powered you get yanked off your line, so increments of 2 meters are better. Recently because of my hydrofoil I am thinking of going down to a one kite quiver just a 12 meter, and switch between the hydrofoil and twintip as I am able to hold down more power on the hydrofoil now that I am getting a little better at it.

sergei Scotland
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Re: Kite sizes beginner's question

Postby sergei Scotland » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:39 am

dazarter wrote:
Wed Sep 06, 2017 7:36 pm
when a blade trigger has a range from

14m 14-18knts :o buy something different...
my gaastra pure 2016 in 13 QM goes from 12 to 24 at 80 kg..... i thing the 14 to 18 knots cannot be true its a really small range for one kite - nobody has such stable winds - i would be always changing my kites
A bit of misunderstanding here: Blade trigger standard range is not 14-18.
Kev used weight calculator from Blade site to find "optimium" size for 94 kg rider.
So site recommends using 12 above 18 knots for my (!) weight.

The range of 14 m Blade Trigger for standard 75 kg rider rider is
11-18 knots (beginner); 10-21 (intermediate+) -
which is similar to what you say you get from yours (although top values is given as lower).
I think it is probably a bit on lower side though (in real life it is probably more like 12-20).
for 10m 75 kg it range is given as
15-28 (beginner) 13-30 (intermediate+) knots.

So if I am to take beginner range numbers from Blade the envelops do overlap to the tune of 3 knots.
But obviously standard 75 kg rider will have "non-optimum" size for somewhere around 16.5 knots where:
14 m will be a bit too much (11-18)
10 will be a bit small ( 15-28).

Now: I am 20 kg more which is weight ratio of 95/75=1.26. Square root of this is SQRT(1. = 26) = 1.12
which is the wind speed factor for me.
So for me awkward wind speed will be 16.5*1.12 = 18.6 knots.
This seems a bit worrying as 18.6 knots = 21.3 mph which is usually considered "close to perfect" for a beginner kitesurfer.

More stupid questions :-)
Question 1) Could someone with "wide" quiver like 10 + 14 m (95kg) or say 9-12 m for 80-85kg - how bad this middle point actually is?
I kind of suspect it is not actually too bad?

Question 2) It is typically (often) gusty here in Scotland.
if I take an example: 17 mph average with gusts to 28 mph forecast.
Do I as a beginner:
A)have to have my kite range match 17-28 wind gust range (or be wider)
B)CAN have a lower range kite say 15-24 and basically stop riding (kite downwind, lots of depower,bar fully out, may be slow down and sink) when a gust comes in? Gusts are usually short in Scotland...
C)MUST use a kite with a higher range say 10m is 15-28 knots (17-31 mph), i.e. average wind 17 mph will be hardly enough to kite,
but I will be probably much safer when a gust comes in?

Or to re-phrase Question 2:
is it a huge problem when I am riding a kite with top of the recommended range say 10% lower then possible (short) gust speed? Is it too dangerous?
must my kite range include the top gust speed?
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Re: Kite sizes beginner's question

Postby PeaBody » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:54 am

What are other people using at your spot?

I don't think using website wind range recommendation is going to be that accurate, get on the beach on windy day and see whats being used.. talk to some locals.

What kind of board are you riding? You could use a 14/15m and TT or maybe even have a 12m as your biggest kite with the correct board.. shinnster, surfboard, foil.

I am a similar weight, and so are a few people I kite with, most common here is 9, 12, 14/15 for hybrid type kites or 8, 10, 12, 14/15 for C kite styles.

3 meter gaps are fine on modern hybrids, 2m gaps would be best for the sweet spot when using more C kite type designs.

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Re: Kite sizes beginner's question

Postby iriejohn » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:58 am

Now that as well as a TT I'm also using a strapless directional which is more sensitive to wind strengths I now have 2m gaps all the way through (6/8/10/12). The biggest I use on the TT is 12m and the biggest on the directional is 10m.

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Re: Kite sizes beginner's question

Postby ble » Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:56 am

My weight is also 95kg. Using 8m 10m size switchblades and just ordered 13m drifter that I am going to use for liter winds with 5'10 size surfboard. My main kite is 10m switch + 139x42 twintip, using it basically from 8ms to 12ms wind speeds.

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